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Welcome to the IPS Website!

The department International Planning Studies (IPS):

The department’s central field of activities is integrated urban development in rapid urbanising spaces, especially in the global south. These topics are related to the context of transformational processes in urban and peri-urban spaces. It covers the analysis of socio-economic and institutional frameworks, methods and processes of spatial planning in countries outside of Europe as well as international research on the comparison of planning systems. The department has an international focus within an area of intersection of city and region and integrating spatial planning. It offers courses in the bachelor- and masterprograms at the faculty of spatial planning especially in modules with international focus and inputs in the master study program SPRING.


The department IPS deals with:

  • sustainable development, having a focus on urban areas
  • processes of urbanisation and transformation
  • informal urban development in the Global South
  • international comparison of planning systems and -practise
  • technical and social infrastructure in the Global South
  • governance and participation
  • global guidelines for development e.g. Millenium and Sustainable Development Goals (post-2015 Agenda) and Habitat III, New Urban Agenda
  • tourismplanning und -development
  • migration and urban development
  • heritage & conservation


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Postal address:

Technische Universität Dortmund

Fakultät Raumplanung

Fachgebiet International Planning Studies

August-Schmidt-Str. 6

D-44221 Dortmund


Here you can find our location on Google-Maps and an additional location map (The department is located in building 32).