The SPRING International Association of Development Planners (SIADP) is the alumni organization of the international master’s programme SPRING (Spatial Planning for Regions in Growing Economies) and at the same time functions as a professional association of development planners working in developing countries. In some countries SIADP has national chapters which hold regular meetings, provide professional advice and lobby for integrated and participatory development planning vis-à-vis their governments and donor organizations.


Through SIADP the SPRING centres in Germany, Ghana, Tanzania, Philippines and Chile keep in touch with their graduates, both on an individual basis and through the national SIADP organizations. At the same time it gives alumni the opportunity to connect with the present SPRING students and all former SPRING graduates.


Regular activities of SIADP include:

  • Regular news bulletin regarding the SPRING programme and its centres

  • National alumni meetings in countries with active alumni groups

  • Regional alumni conferences

  • Online discussion groups and libraries

  • Alumni workshops and summer schools.


For an overview of SIADP’s activities check out this website. If you are not a member and want to get in touch with SIADP write to SIADP’s international coordinator (see ‘Contact’).