8/18/2007 Jakarta Summer School


Summer School on ‘Conflict Transformation, Peace-building and Development Planning in South and South-East Asia’


In many Asian countries political, social and ethnic conflicts are on the rise. If they become protracted they have the potential to seriously undermine development planning and projects or making them impossible to implement altogether. At the same time many planners are not aware of how their projects exacerbate these conflicts or how they could be used to mitigate or transform them.

Therefore a summer school was organised and conducted by SPRING Dortmund in collaboration with the CERIC peace research institute of the University of Indonesia on the topic of conflict transformation, peace-building and development planning. The summer school took place from August 19th – September 1st 2007 in the guest house of the University of Indonesia, Depok Campus, Jakarta.


The Summer School trained 30 Asian SPRING alumni to be better able to:

  1. understand the nexus between conflict and development planning
  2. identify, analyse and project the evolution of  protracted social conflicts.
  3. apply methods of crisis prevention and conflict management
  4. integrate these methods into development policies and project planning.