SIADP East Africa - About


The aims and objectives for which the Association is established are as follows:

  1. To create a forum/platform for members to meet, interact, discuss and exchange ideas at personal and group levels including developmental , carrier and scholarship opportunities.
  2. To enlighten and orientate the aspiring SPRING participants about SPRING and Germany at large prior to their departure.
  3. To explore the extent of use of applied research and promote the application of relevant research findings in addressing the problems being experienced in various sectors that impede the development of the country and provision of various services.
  4. To be engaged in any other activities, which the association shall consider fit in pursuit of the aims and objectives stated in articles 2.1 (a) to (o) above.  These shall include, but not limited to:
  1. Formulating, designing and implementing sustainable projects and programs which aim at contributing to the development of the country and those targeting the disadvantaged groups existing among Tanzanians like the handicapped, the poor, the old, the AIDS affected, etc.;
  2. Organizing and providing targeted lectures, trainings, talks, seminars, social meetings, etc.
  3. Publication of periodicals, newsletters, journals, etc.
  1. To bring together members of the association and the German community living in Tanzania for the purpose of knowing each other and exchanging ideas by sharing experiences relevant to the aims and objectives of the association.
  2. To liaise with Germany Government through the Embassy or otherwise, and academic institutions on how to develop and fund researches in various sectors focusing on development and sustainable utilization of locally based natural resources.
  3. To create mutual understanding and cooperation with other Alumni Associations at natinal and international level for the purpose of creating synergy, sharing experiences and learning from each other on how to deliver efficiently and effectively.



The Association consists of its members who meet once a year for a General Assembly, which elects officers to the Executive Committee. The executive committee shall consist of the following:

  1. The Chairperson
  2. The Vice Chairperson
  3. The Secretary General
  4. Deputy Secretary General
  5. Financial Controller
  6. Deputy Financial Controller
  7. Four other Committee Members from the association
  8. At least one Representative from the FGR Embassy who will either act as the Patron or Advisor of the association.

For more information on the rights and duties of members, the General Assembly and the officers of the Executive Committee please consult the association’s constitution (contact the secretariat if you do not have a copy yet).