Indonesia: Alumni meeting kicks off new association


Alumni Gather after Jakarta Summer School

In the two days following the Jakarta Summer School (see previous page) 15 Indonesian alumni gathered at Wisma Makara Guesthouse of the University of Indonesia in Depok on the outskirts of Jakarta. Their aim was to reinvigorate professional and personal ties and  institutionalise the Indonesian SPRING alumni network that had been in existence informally for more than 10 years (see SPRING Newsletters from the 1990s).

The alumni meeting was also attended by representatives of the SPRING alumni assocations in Nepal and the Philippines, which shared their experiences in regard to starting and maintaining an active alumni association. First Mr. Mukunda Ray Pandeya gave an account of the Nepalese experience, highlighting the importance of a core group of committed alumni especially in the very beginning. The Nepalese alumni association SARP-N went on to develop into a professional representation of development planners, among others by delivering training services to local governments and advising the national government on planning related legislation. This raised the association‘s public profile, helped sustain its revenues and also gave its members tangible reasons for being active and committed to the organisation.

Ruth Equipaje gave a presentation on behalf of the Filipino SPRING alumni association SIADP-Philippines. She highlighted the importance of establishing and nurturing a ‚virtual community‘ by means of an e-mail mailing list, regular social events, regional sub-groups, a clear organisational structure and a functioning secretariat.

New Alumni Association Started

The Indonesian alumni gratefully took the experiences and recommendations on board and went on to define the  mission and objectives, the overall organisational structure and the responsibility of various offices. They then elected a Chairperson (Mr. Deddy Koespramoedyo), officers for the Executive Committee, the Advisory Board and the Secretariat. Finally an overall plan of action was developed for the next six months and individual responsibilities agreed upon. Within the first three months after the meeting an office was rented and equipped, a bank account opened and the procedures for officially registering the association started.