Six SPRING Alumni attended the "International Alumni Seminar on Water, Energy and Sanitation in Urban and Decentralized Regions" at the University of Oldenburg, April 3-12 2014, organized

The Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy (PPRE) at the University of Oldenburg is currently developing a blended learning MSc programme on renewable energies "Master online Renewable Energy" (MoRE)

The current SPRING batch visited together with some student assistants the GIZ Students' Day on Urban Development in Eschborn. The day included different presentations on urban development.

Md. Shahinoor Rahman (SPRING Batch 2009/11) visited SPRING during his stay in Enschede, Netherlands.

3rd Call for the
 International Alumni Seminar 2014

The Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy at the University of Oldenburg, Germany (, carries out for the 8th time the 5-days Biogas Compact Workshop on

The Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg (Germany) announces the International Alumni Seminar 2014 from April 3rd - 12th 2014 in Oldenburg, Germany,

Since the beginning of November, Mr.

On October 14th - 15th the official SPRING programme started with 18 new SPRING students, among them seven women and 11 men, from 16 different countries (Bangladesh, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, El Sal

In the context of the German language course and the regional and cultural studies the new SPRING batch 2013/2014 participated in an excursion to Eastern Germany under the guidance of Dr.

Goodbye pic

Goodbye pic

Final event at TU Dortmund with 2012-14 batch members, professors and well wishers of SPRING

This year the SPRING Network Meeting is going to take place in Manila from

We are offering a position as

Traineeship in Urban Research  

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