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Samstag, 22. November 2014

Notes & Dates


10-14.11.2014 SPRING Global Network Meeting


Master Programmes in Germany on Urban-, Regional-, and  Infrastructure Planning

Welcome to SPRING!


Semester Opening

On October 6th - 7th the 19 new SPRING from 15 different were welcomed by the faculty of the School of spatial planning. Among the invited speakers on the first days were Prof. Dr. Barbara Welzel, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietwald Gruehn, Dr. Anne Weber and the head of SPRING Prof. Dr. Sabine Baumgart. On the second day the students were given time to introduce themselves to each other and the faculty.



Excursion to East Germany 2014

September 2014 – The new SPRING batch 2014/15 discovered German culture and history on a three-day excursion to East Germany as part of the German language course that prepares the students for their stay in Dortmund. Under the guidance of Dr. Elmar Winters-Ohle the students explored the history of Wartburg (UNESCO world heritage) and followed the traces of Johannes Sebastian Bach in Eisenach by listening to a live music performance on historical instruments. In Leipzig the students were able to experience the cultural rich city by a guided tour and the Asisi’s impressive 360° panorama showing Leipzig in the aftermath of the Battle of Nations in 1813. The poets’ homes of Goethe and Schiller were the destinations in Weimar, before the students visited the former concentration camp Buchenwald. The trip was highlighted by watching a firework in Jena at the JenTower.



Prof. Dr. Schmidt-Kallert is named Professor Ad-Honorem of UACh

During the graduation ceremony in Valdivia, Prof. Jorge Díaz Castro (Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences) handed over a diploma of gratitude and appreciation to Prof. Dr. Schmidt-Kallert, Head of SPRING Dortmund, for having integrated UACh into the SPRING university network.

In the name of UACh, Dr. Felix Fuders dignified the Head of SPRING Dortmund as Professor Ad-Honorem of the Institute of Economy of the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences. Prof. Dr. Schmidt-Kallert received this nomination evidently surprised and affected. He pointed out that this ceremony is very special to him because it will be his last ceremony as Head of the SPRING Programme since his retirement is getting closer.