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Tuesday, 01. December 2015

Notes & Dates

SPRING Colloquium winter 2015/16




Master Programmes in Germany on Urban-, Regional-, and  Infrastructure Planning

Welcome to SPRING!


Engagement Weltweit - professional fair

On November 14th Vilim Brezina, responsible for public relations of the School of Spatial Planning, and the student assistants Ricarda Koch and Maria Kik represented the SPRING programme at the annual development related fair ENGAGEMENT WELTWEIT in Bonn. Apart from popular institutions like GIZ and KfW, a lot of NGOs and other german study programmes joined the fair. This year, 1.300 people visited the event, where furthermore talks and round tables about topics which are related with employment in the development field were offered. Interested aspirants were able to ask questions and to exchange experiences. It has been an enriching afternoon for the visitors, as well as for the exhibitors.

Semester Opening Ceremony 2015/16

On October 19th - 20th the official opening ceremony was held to welcome 18 new members of the SPRING family from four different continents by the School of Spatial Planning. Among the invited speakers on the first day were Prof. Dr. Barbara Welzel, Prof. Dr. Karsten Zimmermann, Prof. Dr. Einhard Schmidt-Kallert, Dr. Anne Weber and the head of SPRING Prof. Dr. Sabine Baumgart. On the second day the students were given time to introduce themselves to each other and SPRING team.

Farewell to Dr. Karin Gaesing

 Dr. Karin Gaesing, long time SPRING lecturer, started her new job at the Institute for Development and Peace (INEF) at the University of Duisburg. Since October 1st 2015 she manages the research project “How to overcome extreme poverty and food insecurity”, which is funded by the German Ministry of Economic Development and Cooperation.

 She will not leave TU Dortmund University completely. She will continue to conduct the DAAD-funded research project on education and career development paths of alumni of German Master programmes which are offered to students from developing countries.

 We wish her all the best for her new job and hope to see her at SPRING from time to time.