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Dienstag, 04. August 2015

Notes & Dates

14.11.2015 - Engagement Worldwilde convention


15.10.2015 - Deadline 1st application round


14.08.2015 - SPRING Final Event 2015

Master Programmes in Germany on Urban-, Regional-, and  Infrastructure Planning

Welcome to SPRING!


Workshop in Kenya

On June 5th and 6th 2015 the second Workshop on “Reintegration into domestic job markets - Kenya” was held at the Fairview Hotel in Nairobi. This is a networking activity initiated by EPOS-network coordinator Robin Pass.

Building up on the results generated in the first workshop on “reintegration into domestic job markets”, the overall objective of the workshop series is to achieve a better connection and cross-linkage between the courses of study in the EPOS-program and their graduates with (potential) employers. Furthermore, the results generated in the second workshop shall contribute to a further development of the range of (additional) interdisciplinary qualifications, the EPOS-study programs might offer its students.

For that purpose, 14 alumni from courses of studies of the EPOS-program as well as employers from different sectors have been invited to the workshop. The group of employers consists of executives and human resource specialists from the field of development and international cooperation, civil services and administrations, the private sector, consulting businesses, universities and NGO’s.

The combination of alumni and employers provides a great opportunity to mirror and reflect on the experiences made on both sides. Employers may ponder about what kind of experiences they made in hiring staff (national vs internationally trained graduates), what expectations they have and what kind of structures they may provide for an ideal integration of new employees and their ideas. Graduates can contemplate on their expectations regarding employers and how they might best implement their newly acquired skills and knowledge into the corresponding organization.

Annual SPRING Party

On Mai 22nd, 2015 the annual SPRING party, which was organized by the current batch, has taken place in the SPRING facilities. Both students with their friends and family members and the SPRING staff enjoyed a great evening together. A wide variety of delicious traditional food from the home countries of our students together with a lively entertainment program made this evening a great success.


Annual SPRING Party is Coming Up

Looking forward to the annual SPRING party on 22nd May, we don't want to hide from you the spirit that can be created by an encounter of people from all around the world. This song, written by SPRING student Josephus Ellie, was performed by a combo of SPRING students and student assistants at the last year's SPRING party. Enjoy!

Silence Candle Prayer

On 6th May a silence candle prayer has taken place in the SPRING facilities in order to commemorate the victims of the earthquake in Nepal. Since the current SPRING batch includes one Nepalese, the compassion was especially high. After having observed a minute of silence, individual thoughts and wishes concerning the nepalese disaster were shared with the attenders. Additionally, with everyone's contribution it was possible to donate in total 375 euros to the German charity organisations Aktion Deutschland Hilft and Bündnis Entwicklung Hilft who work at the operation site in Nepal.

GIZ Student Days

On January 16th, 2015, the SPRING students attended the GIZ “Students‘ Day on Urban Development 2015” with the topic “Communal and urban development ininternational shared development work”. The participants receivedinformation about the work of GIZ regarding sustainable urban development and learned job opportunities at GIZ. Furthermore they discussed with GIZ experts about relevant urban development issues.

SPRING Colloquium Series – Member of the German Parliament Peter Stein at the TU Dortmund

On the 9th of January 2015, Peter Stein, Member of the German Parliament, gave a presentation on "The Function of the Committee for Economic Cooperation and Development in the Context of German Development cooperation" at the TU Dortmund. This event of the SPRING Colloquium series was held at the Rudolf-Chaudoire-Pavillon on Campus South. Mr Stein is a Christian democrat and represents the constituency of Rostock. He is a member of the committee of economic cooperation and development as well as the committee of business and energy of the German Parliament. In his lecture Mr. Stein – who is also an alumni from TU Dortmund that graduated with a diploma as an architect for city planning here in 1993 - tackled the questions: "Who are the players and stakeholders in German development politics? What are the present priorities in German development policy?" as well as the complex "Urbanization in developing countries – Challenge and chance at the same time". Afterwards he took plenty of time to answer all the questions of a curious audience, to round up a very informative and interesting session. The SPRING Programme is very thankful to have had the opportunity to welcome such a high profile guest speaker.





SPRING Colloquium Special Event - Neven Subotic at the TU Dortmund

On the 10th of December at a SPRING Colloquium special event the professional football player of Dortmund's BVB gave a presentation on his foundation, the Neven-Subotic-Foundation.

It was his 26th birthday but Neven still took his time to talk to Students of the TU Dortmund and other interested people about his foundation and his motivation behind it. In an impressive presentation he showed the situation of poor people in Ethiopia and the meaning of water and sanitary facilities in this context. His foundation invests money in water supply wells and toilets at schools for example. Accounting to Neven it is “a really important contribution to the health of many children there”. He explained that he invests parts of his own money in the project, so that it’s possible that every donation gets where it belongs – 100% of it. He said that especially people who had the luck to be born in the rich and save countries around the world should be thankful for what they have and therefore keep open minded to the fortune of other people. His hope was, to make some people think about it by his presentation- and maybe make them help some needy people.

Fore more information about his foundation please click here: The Neven-Subotic-Foundation (German website).