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Wednesday, 26. October 2016

Notes & Dates

22-23.10.2016 - Cross Cultural Training


13.10.2016 - The application deadline 2016 has been extended to the 28th of October


Master Programmes in Germany on Urban-, Regional-, and  Infrastructure Planning



Welcome to SPRING!

International Joint Master of Science Regional Development Planning and Management


Excursion to East Germany 2016

Between September 23rd and September 25th, the new SPRING batch 2016/17 discovered German culture and history on an excursion to Eastern Germany. As part of the German and Culture Class that prepares the students for their stay in Germany, the trip was based on a tight programme. During three days the group visited cities like Eisenach, Dresden and Weimar. Among the main destinations were the Bach and Goethe Museum, the Wartburg and the concentration camp Buchenwald.

Sommerfest 2016 at TU Dortmund

On the 6th of July, the 7th Sommerfest of the TU Dortmund took place. The SPRING students also participated and prepared food from their homecountrys.They really enjoyed it from the beginning of the preparation to the day of the Sommerfest. The intercultural interaction at the Sommerfest was really enriching and a great opportunity to practice their German skills and taste delicates from all around the world. The Sommerfest made the students come closer again before they split up and leave to their 2nd year destionations in Chile, the Philippines, Ghana or Tanzania. The students said it will always be a happy day to remeber in the future.

Annual SPRING Party

On April 22 the annual SPRING party has taken place. Beside the traditional collective dining including meals from the SPRING students' home countries, the SPRINGies gave insight about the cultural importance of their respective traditional clothing, which they have worn that night. The students provided a well rounded programm, concluding with a musical performance by some of the group and a dance party, which has come to an end in early morning hours.

Berlin Excursion 2016

The SPRING batch 2015/16 discovered German culture and history on a four-day excursion to Berlin. Under the guidance of Paula Quentin we explored the capital of Germany from 24th to 27th February 2016. After the train journey we had a welcome dinner in a little restaurant near Tiergarten. On Thursday morning, we visited the former Tempelhof airport and Berlin City Models with Christian Hajer and discussed the structure of the German planning legislation on local and regional level. We met an activist of the Berlin cycling referendum in our hostel in the afternoon. Moreover, we met Peter Stein (alumni of Dortmund’s Faculty of Spatial Planning and member of the German Parliament) and explored the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) on Friday. In the afternoon we had a city walk through Berlin-Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg with Benjamin Wada-Ruetenik and talked about the German planning system. During a walk through Berlin underground the students discovered the past German history on Saturday morning. The trip was highlighted by visiting the cupola of the Reichstag with beautiful weather on our last day. The excursion was part of the SPRING Module 1.