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Tuesday, 17. October 2017

Notes & Dates

27.09.17 - Extended Application Deadline: 08 October 2017


Master Programmes in Germany on Urban-, Regional-, and  Infrastructure Planning



Welcome to SPRING!

International Joint Master of Science Regional Development Planning and Management


Congratulations to the masters degree

From May to July, the final examinations took place at the SPRING partner universities in Chile, the Philippines, Ghana and Tanzania.
For the Master thesis defenses, representatives from Dortmund travelled to the partner universities as external examiners: Dr. Anne Weber attended the examinations in Chile, Dr. Wolfgang Scholz in Ghana, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Thinh in the Philippines and Dr. Genet Alem in Tanzania.
All 17 students successfully completed the M.Sc. SPRING. We congratulate all students of the Batch 2015-2017 on their Master’s degree!
The picture shows the graduates in Chile.

Scholarships of the Carlo-Schmidt-Programme for SPRING Alumni

As part of the Carlo-Schmidt-Programme the DAAD grants scholarships for internships at UN organisations to professionally excellent postgraduates. The programme is financially supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

This year, just as last year, two of three submitted applications from SPRING Alumni convinced the selection panel. Fenesia from Indonesia and Ricardo Gellert Paris Jr. from Brazil obtained an internship at the UNESCO Office in Jakarta (Indonesia) and the WFP in La Paz (Bolivia) for 6 months, starting in September.

Final BBQ of the 2016/17 SPRING Batch

It felt like The first SPRING year is ending for the Batch 2016/17. All the students were preparing to leave Germany for their second year destinations. The evening before the first student had to leave Germany, the SPRING batch had a big BBQ with music, lots of traditional food from different countries and dancing and everyone enjoyed the evening a lot.