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Friday, 17. August 2018

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20.07.2018 - 07.10.2018


Master Programmes in Germany on Urban-, Regional-, and  Infrastructure Planning



After admission

On this page, you can find out more about what to do after admission was granted. We will contact you around June regarding flight date, time, number and your arrival time in Germany (Reply Form).

  • How to prepare for Dortmund
  • Important: Before leaving your country
  • Getting organized
  • The German language course


We would like to draw your attention to a few important points, which will enable you to prepare everything for your year in Germany and for the studies that you will undertake at our university.

We will also provide you the three parts of the booklet between April and July, according to your phase of preparation. Please note, that the booklet below is always the one from the previous year.



If you do not have one already, apply for a passport and ensure it is valid for the entire period of your studies (two years). Contact the German Embassy or Consulate and request a student visa for Germany as soon as possible, so that it can be processed in proper time. Please make sure you apply for a student visa and check it immediately.

For your student visa application you must submit:

  • your valid passport,
  • your letter of admission to TU Dortmund University and
  • a letter of award from your sponsoring organisation.



The first week in Germany you will be quite busy organizing all administrative matters and getting prepared for the semester which will start by mid-October.

SPRING Programme schedule

  • Arrival between 1st and 3rd of September
  • German language course from 7th of September to 16th  of October
  • Orientation period (‘O-Phase’) from 19th of October to 20th of October
  • SPRING-Programme Dortmund from 19th October until 31st August

Please note that the annual schedule may be adjusted by a day or two if necessary.

As you can obtain from the brochures “How to prepare for Dortmund” you will be picked up by one of SPRING’s student assistants at Dortmund Hbf (main station) on your arrival. To give you a small impression on where you will study for the next year you will be taken to the SPRING centre, TU Dortmund straight away. A little welcome present will be waiting there for you and you will get the chance to make one free phone-call to get in contact with family or friends. The keys for your new flat will be handed out to you and the student assistants will collect some important documents of you.

For the administrative coordination of your enrolment, the extension of your visa, and your future insurance etc. they will need the following documents of you on the first day:

  • Passport (incl. student visa); in case of travelling with your whole family you will need to have all passports with you to simplify further visa affairs. The student assistants will make copies of your passport and your visa. Later onwards they will hand out a certified document to you that replaces your passport during the application period.
  • Letter of Award (Proof of scholarship such as DAAD/SPRING, EED, KAAD etc. or proof of adequate means of financial support/self-financing)
  • Letter of Admission to the SPRING Programme
  • TU Dortmund Admission letter
  • School and University Leaving Certificates and Transcript
  • Proof of ex-matriculation (i.e. removal of the student’s name from the University register on leaving a University), if you have already studied at a German University
  • Birth certificate (original)
  • Marriage certificate (original)

The first few days will be dominated by the new SPRING batch arriving in Dortmund. There will be three student assistants guiding you through the following days helping you to get all your documents together or even show you the closest supermarkets around, etc.. Please feel free to ask anything you are not sure of.

The following steps will need to be done after your arrival

  • Insurance company: The whole group will have an appointment with the insurance company AOK on our campus. There you will receive an official notification which is important for your matriculation at TU Dortmund and your student visa application.
  • Photographer: For your visa application as well as the train ticket (see below) you will need biometric passport pictures. Again the whole group will have an appointment at a professional studio (13€).
  • VRR (Verkehrsbund Rhein-Ruhr – public transport network of the region): To bridge the first weeks until the official semester start you will need to buy a train ticket which will cost around 40€. As soon as you have been matriculated and paid you student fees you will receive a ticket for public transport which will be valid all over NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia) during your whole study period.
  • Enrolment: For you enrolment at TU Dortmund you will be taken to the student office the following day.
  • Visa: During the first week the student assistants will take your passports to the foreign office in Dortmund. It will take a few days until your residence permit will be granted.  (Please consider that you are not able to travel without your passport anywhere in Europe). To make sure that the visa application runs fine please have all documents listed above on hand.

Your German language course will start on the 7th of September so all the administrative matters need to be done during the first two days so please make sure that you arrive on the proposed dates and that you have all documents with you!


Please Note

  • All documents must be originals.
  • Documents and Certificates not in German, English or French must be officially and authentically translated into German.



During the first six weeks in Germany, you will participate in an intensive German language course. The course will be held at the Language Centre (Sprachenzentrum) at TU Dortmund University. This course has been organized by the SPRING programme in co-operation with the Language Centre.

A team of experienced teachers and tutors will organize your first few weeks in Dortmund. The language course will be accompanied by an introduction into everyday life in Germany and the German culture.

Tutors will accompany and assist you with administrative matters which must be undertaken to facilitate your stay. They will introduce you to the city of Dortmund, as well as the university-facilities, organize and escort you on local excursions and introduce you to places of interest to familiarize you with your new environment.

You will receive considerable information about our country, as well as many useful tips on how to manage daily life in Dortmund.

At the end of your introductory German classes, you will be able to cope with typical everyday situations and basic conversation with fellow students, neighbors and new friends.