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Tuesday, 23. January 2018

Notes & Dates

International Planning Sessions
23.01.18 Prof. Dr. Julio D Dávila

05-06.02.18 Examination Dates Module 5

09.02.18 Exam Module 1

03.02.18 - 31.03.18 Semester Break

03-09.04.18 Workshop Planning Practice 1


Master Programmes in Germany on Urban-, Regional-, and  Infrastructure Planning



Students Service

On this page, you can find out more about the student services offered at TU Dortmund University.

  • Notice Boards
  • Library (Bibliothek)
  • Buying and Ordering Books
  • Magazines and other Literature
  • Telephones and Fax Machine at SPRING
  • Photocopying Facilities
  • Useful Links


The university has many notice boards available for students wishing to advertise and it is free of charge of course. Simply note down your message and display it on the boards.


The main library is situated on the North Campus. The tutors will give you an orientation course of where to find respective material within the library system, the administrative procedures, copying regulations etc. Besides each faculty has its own library. The departmental library of Spatial Planning (Bereichsbibliothek Raumplanung) is located on the South Campus, GB I, 4th floor.


Planning literature is available from bookshops in the city. It is possible to order books via internet from different publishers.


There are several development and planning related magazines available at SPRING at any time. Also the university library offers a great variety of journals.


Unfortunately, the telephones and the fax machine within the SPRING office are for official use only. However, there are public phones on the university campus situated near the entrance (and information cubicles). Also you can use prepaid SIM-cards with your cellphone for reasonable prices. Fax messages can be sent from the Post Office in the stationery shop on Stockumer Str.


The photocopier at SPRING is for official use only. There are photocopiers within the university libraries and copy shops on Baroper Str. close to the SPRING office. One copy costs about 5 cents.