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Wednesday, 21. March 2018

Dr. Anne Weber
Dr. Anne Weber

Dr. Anne Weber

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Campus Süd, GB I, Room 403


Dr. Anne Weber holds a Dipl. degree in Agrobiology from the University of Hohenheim. In 1995 she obtained her doctoral degree ( in Agricultural Sciences from the same university, analysing the population dynamic of and methods to combat Imperaty cylindirca (L.) Beauv. through special cropping systems in southern Benin.

She has both worked in the academic sphere and in the context of development cooperation. From 1988 to 1995 she joined the Institute of Plant Production in the Tropic and Subtropics of the University of Hohenheim as scientific assistant. During this period she was head of a project in the Special Research Program (SFB) “Adapted Farming systems in West-Africa” with focus on agro-ecological issues. Between 1995 and 2001 she was working as Technical Assistant, Advisor and short term consultant for the German Development Service (DED) and for the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) in Burkina Faso, with an emphasis on the management of natural resources, food security, poverty alleviation and combating desertification.

In 2002 Dr. Weber joined the SPRING Programme and in 2006 was appointed Managing Director of the Programme. She is also the Faculty representative in charge of the partnership with the Universidad Austral del Chile in Valdivia, Chile. Within the SPRING programme she teaches Environmental Planning and Management, Land Use Planning, Participation and conducts the Planning Workshop.

Her current research interests are in the topics of management and protection of natural resources and integrated rural development, both imbedded in participatory development processes.