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Urban Green Spaces (english)


Dieser Track wird nur auf Englisch angeboten. This track is only offered in English.


Urban green spaces are characterized by a broad range of functions, including social, ecological, economic and cultural dimensions. While some of these functions have been investigated for a long time, other functions have become a research topic, very recently.

In the last couple of years, urban green spaces have become more and more popular because of their relevance in the context of global warming. Another topic is the importance of urban green spaces as a soft location factor within the framework of increasing global competition of cities and agglomerations. Especially on a global scale, landscape metrics indicators have been used to compare the provisions of different cities or agglomerations with urban green spaces. Recently, urban green spaces have become a topic of public health research because of their potential impact on human health and wellbeing.

This session is dedicated to recent research on urban open spaces such as:

  • Contributions on indicators
  • Ecosystem services
  • Social, cultural and economic relevance or impacts of urban green spaces
  • Urban green spaces and climate change