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The Internship

Most students use internships in order to intensify their practically oriented course of studies and widen their horizon in addition to their academic studies. Internships offer insights into spatial planning practice. The professional practice of spatial planning is as broadly based as the field of work for graduates in spatial planning. From civil service, civil society organizations, planning offices and agencies to private sector companies or research institutions, spatial planners work in manifold fields. To develop their job-related competencies and indiviual networks, most students voluntarily devote one month or more in order to do one or even a few internships. According to the results of the survey among graduates of 2011, more than 4/5 of our graduated students did an internship during their study; the average duration was five months.

Another common opportunity for getting practical experience while studying, is to work as a student assistant within research projects at universities, research institutions or within projects in private sector offices and large companies. Due to the favorable job situation, expecially advanced students combine the possibility to improve their financial situation with the opportunity of enhancing their professional qualification. According to the results of our last survey, more than 3/4 of all students used this opportunity during their studies.

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