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October 21, 2015


The conference will take place from 19-21 November 2015 in Dortmund (Germany) and will be jointly organized by N-AERUS, the Habitat Unit at the Technical University Berlin and the Department of International Planning Studies at the TU Dortmund University.

"WHO WINS AND WHO LOSES? – Exploring and learning from transformations and actors in the cities of the South"

With current developments around the world exhibiting increasing urban challenges, such as new urban forms and patterns of development, the expectations and responsibilities of politicians, policy-makers, urban researchers and the consultancy industry have arguably never been greater. The academic world appears inert while still struggling to disentangle disciplinary epistemologies and the attempt to overcome the exclusivity of established frameworks of knowledge production. Similarly, the policy-makers and politicians act within their own logic and schedules, and developers, donors, banks, NGOs and consultants have their internal agendas, scopes and working methods. Obviously, all these sectors produce significant knowledge on urban development; however their knowledge and action is often disconnected from each other and, even worse, it is often not transferable. The N-AERUS Conference will address these challenges by focusing on three issues:

1-Urbanization beyond megacities: new urban patterns – new constellations of actors

2-Learning from diverse experiences beyond ‘best-practice’

3-The politics of knowledge in research and education

Further informations can be found here.

contact: wolfgang.scholz@tu-dortmund.de

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