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August 11, 2016

F09: Joint-student workshop - Intercultural Dialog Towards Reclaiming Public Space within Metropolitan Areas

The Department of Urban Design and Land Use Planning (STB) in cooperation with the School of Architecture and Built Environment at the German Jordanian University in Jordan has successfully realized the second joint-student workshop of the 3-year DAAD funded project "Intercultural Dialog Towards Reclaiming Public Space within Metropolitan Areas - Comparative Analysis for a Sustainable Development of Public Space"

The second joint student workshop took place from 16th- 19th May, 2016 at TU Dortmund University. Students from TU Dortmund (F-Projekt F09) and GJU had the chance to compare their intermediate results and work together on developing new conceptual ideas and workable strategies for achieving sustainable development focusing on regional connectivity and social integration in metropolitan areas through reclaiming public spaces. Therefore they analyzed two case studies from the International Building Exhibition Emscher Park Project (IBA) in the Ruhr Area, namely Duisburg Inner Harbor and Landscape park, to gain a deeper understanding on the functioning of public spaces and inspiring them to new planning and design concepts.

The analysis of the two development projects focused on the following issues:

  1. Overall development concept
  2. Connections, relation to the surroundings, inside-outside relations
  3. Land use, building functions, public spaces, activities and new uses
  4. Social aspects, user groups, dynamics and appropriation of space


Contact person: Dr. Mais Al Jafari

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