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SPRING Cross-Regional Dialogue 2020

SPRING Alumni in Valdivia, Chile (LAC) and members of the "SPRING International Association for Development Planning" (SIADP) organizing the "SPRING Cross-Regional Dialogue: Responding to the Global Pandemic towards a Sustainable and Resilient Future". This conference will take place online on 23 - 25 October 2020.

In July 2019, SPRING Alumni held their first Winter School. The theme was Evolving Dynamics, Processes and Linkages to support the achievement of 2030 Agenda on the Sustainable Development Goals "Sustainable Cities" (11) and "Climate Action" (13).

In 2020 this endeavour continues with an online conference about a more pressing matter: the COVID-19 pandemic and its implications!

SPRING Alumni remain committed to yielding opportunities for inter-regional dialogue and the open exchange of ideas, to understand the new normal by supporting and learning from each other.

The conference “SPRING Cross-Regional Dialogue" brings together practical experience and theoretical reflections on planning policies, guidelines and practices. Its main aim is a deeper understanding of how these practices contribute to emerging transformative planning approaches and resilient regional spatial development.

During the conference, various issues of particular importance during the COVID-19 pandemic will be discussed. The topic of the first day is "Build Back Better". This concerns the difficulties and opportunities markets, public spaces and the informal economy are currently facing. The second day will be devoted to "Food Security Strategies", "Circular Economy - the way to combat poverty", "Hybrid Sector Synergizing - the health care system with other sectors" and "The Future of Education - planning digital innovation in service delivery". The third day will deal with the topic "Resilience and Inclusiveness in Spatial Planning".

The event will be 100% virtual. Registration is possible on the following website:


Picture: Erick Avila. Prensa Libre, Guatemala 2020

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