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Welcome to the Dortmund Conference 2014 on Spatial Planning Research


The Faculty of Spatial Planning at TU Dortmund University, together with the Academy for Spatial Research and Planning (ARL), is jointly organizing the Dortmund Conference on Spatial and Planning Research, this time on the theme of "Services of General Interest and Spatial Planning" from 13‐14 February 2014. This conference is the second in our series of biennial conferences on interdisciplinary topics of space‐related research and planning. With the current conference themewe aim to consider the major challenges involved in securing basic services for the population in all regions of Germany, revisiting this in an international context. Parallel developments involving the growth and decline of populations in urban and rural areas are found in diverse conditions, and thus have implications for existential issues concerning basic services. These include education, health,housing and public transport, but also the provision and intelligent networking of technical services such as supply and disposal (energy, water, waste), flood protection, transport infrastructure and services. Topics for discussion include the accessibility, access and sustainability of services as well as the quality requirements and minimum standards necessary to maintain competitiveness,attractiveness and quality of life. It is also important to share experiences and perhaps learn from international examples of new organizational forms and networks of actors involved in the field of tension surrounding management by the public sector, privatization, market competition and civic engagement. The inter‐ and transdisciplinary orientation of spatial planning responsibilities and activities enables these themes to be considered from a variety of theoretical planning and decisionmaking perspectives, encouraging discussion with other space‐related sciences.