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Modulhandbuch B.Sc. Raumplanung  2019

Modulhandbuch M.Sc. Raumplanung 2019

Wesentliche Änderungen gegenüber den vorherigen Modulhandbüchern liegen nicht vor.
Im Bachelor wird CAD im 1. Fachsemester und RRV im 2. und 3. Fachsemester studiert. Damit ergibt sich für Studierende, die vor dem WiSe 2019/20 eingeschrieben wurden, keine Änderung der Zuordnung der Module zu Semestern.

Neueste Version: Beschluss der Fakultätsratssitzung vom 18.12.2019


Zitationsleitfaden (Stand: September 2020)

Citavi-Zitationsstil (Stand: Januar 2020, in Überarbeitung)

Citation Guide of the School of Spatial Planning

Citations and bibliographical references are central elements of scholarly work. Scientific findings do not come from nowhere but are always based on previous ideas and findings of others, whose thoughts, questions, and conclusions are taken up, rejected, modified, and advanced in one‘s own contributions.

Citation styles are collections of rules that provide a uniform way of identifying such refe­rences. Numerous such styles exist. The choice for one or another usually depends on the traditions of the respective scientific disciplines or established subject cultures.

The field of Spatial Planning is an interdisciplinary one, combining numerous engineering and social science disciplines. The School of Spatial Planning, with its current 18 profes­sorships, is an exemplary representation of this diversity of academic perspectives and approaches. It is therefore not surprising that many different citation styles are in use or taught at the various chairs and departments. We do not see any problem with this and would not like to change anything about this.

At the same time, however, we also understand the wish that students, tutors, and lec­turers have increasingly voiced to us in recent years for the School to agree on a citation style that is recognised in all, or at least most, subject areas taught. Especially early in their studies, many students are confused by the sometimes very different systems of rules and norms.

We are responding to this concern by presenting this guide. In concrete terms, this means: Anyone who uses the citation style presented in this guide to cite their references in pro­ject reports or in term papers, Bachelor‘s or Master‘s dissertations can be assured that the format will be accepted in all fields of study represented at the School. The possibility of teaching or using other styles remains unaffected, of course.

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B.Sc. Raumplanung

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