April 2013
Meeting in Duhok to coordinate the new bachelor prgramme teaching
April 2013
Start of the summer semester for all bachelor students in Dortmund
March 2013
Coordination Meeting for the project year 2013 in Dortmund
February and March 2013
Semester break for bachelor students
October 2012
Semester start for all Bachelor students in Dortmund
September/October 2012
Joint conference and network meeting in Iraq
August 2012
Exkursion with the bachelor students to "Der Selfkant" - the most western part of Germany
July 2012
Cross Cultural Training for the bachelor students in Dortmund



Current PhD Students

1. Ismail Ibrahim Suliman Hajani
Previous study: Spatial planning-Tourism Development

Current PhD topic: promoting urban planning Guidance for achieving physical sustainable urban development: Case study city of Duhok-Kurdistan/Iraq

2. Hemn Nanakali
Previous study: Public economy & Business Management
Academic affiliation in Iraq: Master in Public management & Business Administration

Current PhD topic: Rural Development Policies in Kurdistan Region of Iraq and their impact on Migration
Supervisor: Prof. Schmidt-Kallert & Prof. Gruehn

3. Mohammed Alaulddin M. Aqiqi
Previous study:  Architecture, Urban & Regional Planning
Academic affiliation in Iraq: Instructor in Architecture Engineering -Duhok University

Current PhD topic: Urban Management For Sustainable Housing (Case Duhok city
Supervisor: Prof Nazar N.  &  Prof S. Baumgart








Joint Planning Conferences in Iraq 2010-2012
1st Iraqi-German Universities' Network Conference in Erbil
Project Flyer

PhD Studies in Dortmund

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