April 2013
Meeting in Duhok to coordinate the new bachelor prgramme teaching
April 2013
Start of the summer semester for all bachelor students in Dortmund
March 2013
Coordination Meeting forthe project year 2013 in Dortmund
February and March 2013
Semester break for bachelor students
October 2012
Semester start for all Bachelor students in Dortmund
September/October 2012
Joint conference and network meeting in Iraq
August 2012
Exkursion with the bachelor students to "Der Selfkant" - the most western part of Germany
July 2012
Cross Cultural Training for the bachelor students in Dortmund



Bachelor Programm


Bachelor Programme "Urban and Regional Planning"

The start of the Bachelor Programme in University of Duhok has been announced in autumn 2012! The first batch started their preparation courses in November.



The Faculty of Spatial Planning at the TU Dortmund pursues an interdisciplinary approach to planning, integrating all spatial levels. This planning philosophy has gained an exemplary national and international reputation. When the Faculty of Spatial Planning was founded in 1969, it was the first institution of this type in Germany. It is currently the biggest educational facility for spatial planners in Europe. The Faculty of Spatial Planning aims to share its experiences in planning education with other universities. Since the 1990s the Faculty has established close linkages to several Iraqi universities, emphasising the importance of planning education in Iraq.

Within the joint project, the main task of the German and Iraqi partner universities is to design a new Bachelor Programme for Iraq. As the eight-semester programme "Urban and Regional Planning" is developed jointly by the German Faculty of Spatial Planning and the Iraqi universities of Baghdad, Diyala, Dohuk and Mosul it benefits from the experiences of both countries. To ensure that it matches the Iraqi demands and requirements a needs assessment study was conducted as a preparatory step. Based on the results of this study the German and Iraqi partners held a workshop to draft a curriculum.

A total of 65 students are enrolled in various academic years. The first group of 24 students will graduate in winter 2016.

The following modules have been identified as core elements of the new Bachelor Programme
" Urban and Regional Planning":

  • Module 1 "Introduction to Spatial Planning"

  • Module 2 "Planning Practice I"

  • Module 3 "Demography and Social Change"

  • Module 4 "Economic Development"

  • Module 5 "Environmental Planning"

  • Module 5b "Natural Resource Management"

  • Module 6 "Planning Law and Governance"

  • Module 7 "Research Methodology – Data Collection & Analysis"

  • Module 8 "Spatial Analysis & Mapping"

  • Module 9 "Regional Planning"

  • Module 10 "Planning Practice II"

  • Module 11 "Theories of Planning & Spatial Development"

  • Module 12 "Planning Methods & Procedures"

  • Module 13 "Infrastructure Planning"

  • Module 14 "Sectoral Economic Planning"

  • Module 15 "Urban Planning & Design"

  • Module 16 "B. Sc. Thesis"

  • Module 17 "Current Issues"


Joint Planning Conferences in Iraq 2010-2012
1st Iraqi-German Universities' Network Conference in Erbil
Project Flyer

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