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First Iraqi-German Universities' Network Conference in Erbil


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Conference Participants (picture by Hasan Sinemilioglu)



First Iraqi-German Universities' Network Conference in Erbil
by Jonathan Focke

In November representatives from Iraqi and German universities met in Erbil for the first
Iraqi-German Universities' Network Conference. The discussion's topic of the meeting was
"Resource management". Representatives of each university presented their achievements
made since the start of the DAAD partnership Programme.

"We had the great opportunity to network with a lot of new people", Hasan Sinemillioglu, project
coordinator of pliq, says taking a look back at the meeting in Erbil. Over 50 scientists form Iraqi and
German universities met in Erbil to improve the building up of an Iraqi-German University. "The
discussions and exchange are useful for both Iraqi and German partners."
Located at the Cultural Centre of the Sallahadin University of Erbil the participants of the
conference discussed how to improve the resource management in Iraq. "The scarce water supply
is a huge problem in many Iraqi regions", Hasan Sinemillioglu explaines. "The water consumption
is not well controlled and the extraction of ground water is not well planned either. The conference
has shown that there is a big need for working on the Iraqi water problems." The water problem is
supposed to be intensified at upcoming conferences.
Apart from the discussions the representatives used the conference to enhance the network
between the partner universities and to get to know each other better. "We were able to realign our
relationship to the Ministry of Education in Kurdistan since the Minister of the department has
changed", Hasan Sinemillioglu says.
Another success achieved at the conference: Iraqi students who want to study at German
universities will be able to get a scholarship on an easier way. An agreement on a better
administration of the allocation of scholarships was concluded at the Erbil conference. Hasan
Sinemillioglu, pliq-project-coordinator at TU Dortmund: "We want to find more Iraqi students for
German universities."
"At the moment we are on the right way", he expresses his satisfaction after the conference. "The
programme must be continued but with a stronger participation of our Iraqi partners."

Erbil (picture by Jonathan Focke)






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