Septmeber 2014
Network Meeting in Duhok



Mai 2014
Coordination Meeting in Erbil next steps: Extention of the Bachelor Programme to the University of Diyala



April 2013
Meeting in Duhok to coordinate the new bachelor prgramme teaching
April 2013
Start of the summer semester for all bachelor students in Dortmund
March 2013
Coordination Meeting for the project year 2013 in Dortmund
February and March 2013
Semester break for bachelor students
October 2012
Semester start for all Bachelor students in Dortmund
September/October 2012
Joint conference and network meeting in Iraq
August 2012
Exkursion with the bachelor students to "Der Selfkant" - the most western part of Germany

July 2012
Cross Cultural Training for the bachelor students in Dortmund





Since the project "pliq - planning education for iraq" started in August 2009 the Faculty of Spatial Planning had the chance to extend and deepen already existing linkages with different Iraqi universities - now the universities of Baghdad, Diyala, Dohuk and Mosul are the most important project partners. During the first two years these universities cooperated intensively to establish the idea of an integrated and sustainable development planning and corresponding planning education in Iraq.

To reach this aim the core element of the first phase of the project (2009 - 2011) was the development of a Bachelor Programme in "Urban and Regional Planning". This new Bachelor Programme will follow the Dortmund model - meaning that the planning education combines basic theories and methods (seminars and lectures) with practice-oriented modules (student-projects, planning studios and workshops). At the same time the involved stakeholders agreed that planning education must be based on an interdisciplinary approach. Otherwise it will be impossible to face the present and future challenges and solve increasingly complex planning problems.

Based on a needs-assessment study conducted for Iraq, the German and Iraqi partners developed a curriculum for a four years B.Sc. Programme. The implementation of this programme in University of Duhok is the core element of the third phase of the pliq project (2014 - 2015). An application has already been proposed to ensure tha the project will conitinue in 2016- 2017.

During the first phase of the project a group of twelve Iraqi students came to Dortmund and started their studies there. Ten of those students are curently continuing their Bachelor studies at the Faculty of Spatial Planning.
Since the project started, lecturers and PhD students are invited to Germany for guest lectures and study visits. These accompanying measures mean continuous staff development for the future planning education in Iraq.

Parallel to these academic and related organisational activities the project partners identified main topics for joint research. After successful conferences in 2010 and 2011, the Third Joint Planning Conference in 2012 provided the chance for the international scientific community to exchange ideas on the seminal topic "Rapid urban growth and opportunities for sustainable development". These research activities will be complemented by publications and public relations.


Project Components



Joint Planning Conferences in Iraq 2010-2012
1st Iraqi-German Universities' Network Conference in Erbil
Project Flyer

PhD Studies in Dortmund

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