Septmeber 2014
Network Meeting in Duhok



Mai 2014
Coordination Meeting in Erbil next steps: Extention of the Bachelor Programme to the University of Diyala



April 2013
Meeting in Duhok to coordinate the new bachelor prgramme teaching
April 2013
Start of the summer semester for all bachelor students in Dortmund
March 2013
Coordination Meeting for the project year 2013 in Dortmund
February and March 2013
Semester break for bachelor students
October 2012
Semester start for all Bachelor students in Dortmund
September/October 2012
Joint conference and network meeting in Iraq
August 2012
Exkursion with the bachelor students to "Der Selfkant" - the most western part of Germany

July 2012
Cross Cultural Training for the bachelor students in Dortmund




Students Activities


Nineteen months in Germany...

...„It was a tough time. But I’m proud I achieved so much so far”, student Arkan Al-Bakr says. He and nine other Iraqi students have been in Germany for more than one and a half year now. They take part in the PLIQ project (Planning Education for Iraq) and will be studying Spatial Planning at TU Dortmund University from the start of summer semester on.
Read the full report here.


Living and studying in Germany

Ahmed Sabah Naser Al-Edresi belongs to the pilot group of students who came from Iraq to Dortmund to study spatial planning. He has just passed his German language exam and will now be able to begin his studies in the summer term. After one and a half year, it's time to ask what it's like for him to be in Germany and to study here at the TU Dortmund University and what is his opinion about the pliq programme.
Read the full interview here.


The first semester

At the beginning of February 2011 the Iraqi students finished their first term of spatial planning in
Dortmund. That's a good time to ask: How do they like studying and living in Germany?
Three of them tell their impressions here.


German Classes

Since June 2009 the Bachelor students are attending an intensive German course. Besides lectures the students get to know Dortmund and the Ruhr area through field trips and excursions.

You can read reports written by the students in German language here.


- During the winter semester 2010/11 the Bachelor students who are studying in Dortmund will attend the course "Introduction in the field of Spatial Planning" given by Dr. Katrin Baeumer.

Course Discription (Download)

- Read more about the Co-teaching course given in summer semster 2011 here


16. November 2010 - "Sauerland-Excursion"


3. - 5. December 2010 - Trip to Eastern Germany


. 15. February 2011 - Regionale 2011 (German)


15.-17. April 2011 - Trip to Hamburg


20. - 23. November 2011 - Trip to Berlin





Training Programm for teaching staff

Joint Planning Conferences in Iraq 2010-2012
1st Iraqi-German Universities' Network Conference in Erbil
Project Flyer

PhD Studies in Dortmund

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