University of Duhok


Summer School 2016 in the frame of DAAD-Programme "Hochschulpartnerschaften mit Irak" at TU Dortmund University, Faculty of Spatial Planning - Landscape Ecology and Landscape Planning


In the frame of the DAAD-Programme "Hochschulpartnerschaften mit Irak" the Faculty of Spatial Planning has the chance to extend and deepen already existing linkages with different Iraqi universities - now the universities of Baghdad, Diyala, Dohuk and Mosul are the most important project partners. These universities cooperate intensively to establish the idea of an integrated and sustainable development planning and corresponding planning education in Iraq.

To reach this aim the core element of the project is the development of a Bachelor Programme in "Urban and Regional Planning". This new Bachelor Programme will follow the Dortmund model - meaning that the planning education combines theory and practice.

This corperation is titled "pliq- planning education for Iraq". In content of the Modul 18: "Summer School in Germany (German Planning System)" 11 students from the University of Duhok are currently guests of TU Dortmund.


15.04. - 21.05.2016

For this years Summer School we welcome 11 Students from the University of Duhok.

The Students which are currently in their 3rd year of the B.Sc.-programme "Planning in Iraq" have joined the Faculty of Spacial Planning of TU Dortmund during the Period 15.04. - 21.05.2016 for the Summer School which is Part of their Modul 18: "Summer School in Germany".

Ullrich Sierau (Major- City of Dortmund)

Prof. Dr. Metin Tolan
Prorector TU Dortmund

Prof. Dr. Karsten Zimmermann- Vice Dean School of Spacial Planning

For the Welcome Ceremony which took place on 18.4.2016 at 9:30 o'clock, different important poersonalities like Ullrich Sierau, Prof. Dr. Metin Tolan, Prof. Dr. Karsten Zimmermann and Dr. Hasan Sinemillioglu gave a short and warm welcome speech to all the 11 students.






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