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Thursday, 16. August 2018

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Conference on "Planning towards Sustainability and Resilience" in Manila, The Philippines

On March 14th 2018 Einhard Schmidt-Kallert (the former Head of SPRING Dortmund) gave a keynote lecture at an international conference in Manila. In his talk entitled „From Habitat I (Vancouver) to Habitat III (Quito) and beyond – Lofty Objectives, but Meagre Impact on the Ground?” he gave an overview of the international debate on urban housing policies and urbanisation in general over the last 40 years. Subsequently he identified key challenges facing the planning profession, especially in cities of the Global South. (

The conference, which had been organised under the general theme “Planning towards Sustainability and Resilience” by the Asian SPRING partner, the School of Urban and Regional Planning of the University of the Philippines was intended to enhance the mutual exchange between academic research, planning practice and local government. Among the 500 participants there were, apart from representatives of planning schools in Southeast Asia, in China and in Germany, nearly 50 mayors of large and medium-sized cities in the Philippines. Apart from the dialogue between academia and practice, the conference offered numerous opportunities for international networking.

The photo shows the get-together of SPRING Network partners during the Conference: Prof. Einhard Schmidt-Kallert (Dortmund), Prof. Carmelita Liwag (Manila) and Prof. Teodoro Klausel (Valdivia, Chile) with SPRING-Alumni.

Excursion to Berlin 2018

In March the SPRING students went on a four-day excursion to Berlin. The trip is a part of Module 1 and highlights major planning issues existing in Germany’s capital.
Christian Hajer, a town planner and landscaper, took the group around and explored with them sites of relevant urban development and architecture.
The students first visited the Berlin “City Model” to get an impression of the historical and urban transformation of the city. In the following days they walked around the government quarter and visited the former airport Tempelhof, which used to be one of the largest buildings in the world for a long time.
The students found out about open projects for buildings in the area around the German Parliament and the Chancellery and discovered the old tunnels in the underground of Berlin, which at the same time introduced them to the former divided Berlin and to one option refugees had to escape from East to West Berlin.
When students were asked about the most striking aspects of the excursion and what the enjoyed most the following responses were received:
“It was very interesting to understand how Berlin has been planned throughout the different political periods. The information we got from our guide Mr. Hajer was not information of a typical city walk tour but very relevant for us as planners.”
“The personal stories of Berlin Underground were very touching. I really felt like I was in a movie!”
“It was a wonderful experience to explore Berlin and its history. During the excursion we could envision the story behind a certain place, like Berlin Underground and Berlin Gate compared to our knowledge we already had before about these sites. Overall, it was great!”

SPRING Student at Global Landscapes Forum, Bonn 2017

The Global Landscapes Forum, held at the World Conference Center in Bonn, on 19-20 December 2017 brought together concerned individuals from all around the globe. As a privileged participant of this global phenomena, this year’s SPRING student Tamanna Rahman felt motivated for acting as a patron for earth's wellbeing, to fight for the prospective sustainability of its diverse landscapes. As Robert Nasi, Director General of the Center for International Forestry Research - CIFR, mentioned in the event “We are all stakeholders in the problems we address”.
Tamanna realized, that integration of indigenous knowledge, science and appropriate investment can help in restoring ecosystems and its services which in turn brings economic and social benefits for our planet. The necessity of such benefits could, in her opinion, be traced in the wise words of the mystical leader Sadhguru “The very body that we carry is just an outcrop of this planet, so there is no good life without a good planet”.
The core objective of this two-day long event was to promote and convey the potential of the landscape approach and hence major topics of discussion were: rights and equitable development, financing sustainable landscapes, food and livelihoods, landscape restoration and measuring progress towards climate and development goals. In addition to various plenaries, numerous sub-plenaries and structured networking sessions were arranged.
Moreover ‘THINK LANDSCAPE’ was the take-home message for Tamanna to act around the planet's pressing climatic and development challenges for different landscapes. Tamanna said that she is grateful to the SPRING Master Program for granting her the unique opportunity of being a part of this outstanding forum.

Christmas and the end of the year are coming closer, the holidays will start soon. The SPRING staff wishes everyone:

SPRING Student at Global Landscapes Forum, Bonn 2017

This year, Tamanna Rahman from Bangladesh, one of our SPRING students from TU Dortmund 2017/2018, will be attending the Global Landscapes Forum to be held at the World Conference Center in Bonn, Germany from Dec 19 - 20, 2017. Her Expression of Interest to join the Big Event, was selected as One of the Top 10 submissions (entry no #6) from the International Students’ Day Special Access Offer. Tamanna will get the unique opportunity to meet the President of Mauritius Her Excellency Ameenah Gurib Fakim, Yogi and Spiritual leader Sadhguru, UN Environment Director General, Cultural Instigator Scott Goodson and Emmy Award-winning Filmmaker Rob Burnet at the World’s Largest Gathering on Sustainability Issues.
Link to the Global Landscapes Forum in Bonn 2017
Link to Tamanna Rahmans Expression of Interest
Link to Youth in Landscape

Winter School Social Entrepreneurship

01.-02. December 2017 - The SPRING students attended a two day workshop organized by the Impact HUB Ruhr aiming to develop business skills for social entrepreneurship in developing countries. The workshop featured multiple presentations from experts of different fields like business models, marketing and financing. The participants were challenged to develop an idea for social or ecological problems for example in their home countries. They were offered the opportunity to experience to work like a start-up, developing a business model together with a marketing and finance plan and finally pitch their idea in front of a jury. In general the workshop offered a rich learning experience for the SPRING students, opening up the possibility to start an own business that might be solving important social or ecological issues and give them a better perspective for settling in into the working environment after graduating.

Conrad Hendrarto visited SPRING

16th November 2017 - Conrad Hendrarto (SPRING Batch 1991/93) from Indonesia visited SPRING Dortmund while attending the UNFCCC COP 23 at Bonn where he delivered a presentation on “Policy of Village Development”.
The current SPRING students could benefit likewise from his presentation and learned about his professional experiences and outstanding career through bridging two generations of the SPRING family.
After graduating from SPRING, Conrad obtained his doctoral Degree in Islamic Economics and Finance from the Trisakti University at Jakarta, Indonesia and is currently working as Expert for the Minister for Regional Development at the Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantage Region and Transmigration for the Republic of Indonesia.

SPRING Global Network Meeting 2017

November 2017 - From Nov. 06 to 10 the annual SPRING Network Meeting took place in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
All partner universities had sent their representatives Dr. Felix Fuders (UACh), Carmeli Marie C. Chaves (UP-SURP), Dr. Eric Oduro-Ofori (KNUST) and Dr. Anne Weber (TU Do). Dr. Fredrick Bwire Magina (ARU) represented the host partner.
The first two days were committed to the admission of SPRING students for the next academic year and the selection of qualified candidates for DAAD scholarships, which was conducted together with Lidia Aouba, representative of DAAD Bonn.
In the following three days the SPRING network participants discussed SPRING internals, met their colleagues of the School of Urban and Regional Planning and visited the Makumbusho Village and on-going and completed development projects in Dar es Salaam City particularly Dar es Salaam Harbour, Kigamboni Bridge, Magogoni Ferry and Magogoni Fish market.

Cross-Cultural Training for 2017/18 SPRING Students

On 21st and 22nd October 2017, a Cross Cultural Training was organized and facilitated by SPRING with funding support from DAAD. The two-day workshop took place to increase cross-cultural awareness, and mutual respect among the current batch of SPRING students from from Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America. During the training, participants gained a better understanding of the concept of culture and its impacts on their personal views, beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviors. Participants worked in sub-groups on exercises aimed at forging a group identity and establishing a good basis for working and living together in the coming year. At the end of the second day sessions, the SPRING batch 2017/18 unanimously adopted the name “SPRING SQUAD” and the motto “Unity in Diversity”. After the weekend, the students felt well equipped with socio-cultural ethics and the required skills to deal with cultural experiences and contrasts during their stay in Dortmund and Germany overall.

SPRING Opening Ceremony 2017

The 34th SPRING Batch started its studies on October 9th. The students were welcomed by the Prorector Academic Affairs Prof. Insa Melle, the Dean Prof. Karsten Zimmermann and the Head of SPRING Prof. Sabine Baumgart. This year, 16 international students from 14 nations attending the SPRING programme.

Lectures and staff members of the School of Spatial Planning introduced themselves to the students and provided relevant information about administrative structures and processes at the TU Dortmund University. The focus of the second day was put on SPRING participants and their academic background and professional experience.

Excursion to East Germany 2017

From September 16. to September 18. the SPRING Batch 2017/18 discovered German culture and history on an excursion to east Germany. As part of the German and Culture Class that prepares the students for their stay in Germany, the trip was based on a tight programme. On the first day the students went to Weimar to discover the house of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and afterwards visited the memorial of the former concentration camp Buchenwald. The next day, the students discovered the Daetz-Centrum in Lichtenstein, a museum for wooden cultural sculptures from all around the world. In the afternoon the students visited and discovered Dresden, one of the culturally richest cities in Germany. On the last day of the excursion the Johann-Sebastian-Bach house in Eisenach and the Wartburg were on the schedule. In the evening of the 18th, the SPRING Batch arrived in Dortmund again, tired but with some great new experiences about German culture.

International Workshop about “Challenges of Urbanisation” in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

On September 14th and 15th the two Master programmes of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) and TU Dortmund University “Development Management” and “SPRING” hold a workshop on “Challenges of Urbanisation” in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 37 alumni from Brasil, Chile, Columbia and Mexico discussed about issues of urban development and the relevance of interdisciplinary networking in problem solving. The workshop was financially supported by the DAAD programme “Development-Related Postgraduate Courses (EPOS)”
The two day workshop started with lectures from professors of Brazilian universities. Thereafter participants visited two best-practices projects of successful urban development in Rio de Janeiro: Porto Maravilha“ – renewal of the old harbour and „Centro de operações do Rio“ – the the City Operations Center of Rio de Janeiro (COR).
During the second day , the participants split up in working groups focussing on issues of four urban systems: „Housing and Slum Upgrading“, „Education and Health“, „Mobility“ und „Energy and Water Provision and Disposal“. They identified the main stakeholder groups, the legal and institutional frameworks and concluded their discussions in how interdisciplinary networking can strengthen the respective urban systems.
Prof. Einhard Schmidt-Kallert, former head of SPRING moderated the workshop and Dr. Anne Weber, SPRING coordinator, together with colleagues from the RUB were responsible for the conceptual design and organising the workshop.

For more information please click here:

Congratulations to the masters degree

From May to July, the final examinations took place at the SPRING partner universities in Chile, the Philippines, Ghana and Tanzania.
For the Master thesis defenses, representatives from Dortmund travelled to the partner universities as external examiners: Dr. Anne Weber attended the examinations in Chile, Dr. Wolfgang Scholz in Ghana, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Thinh in the Philippines and Dr. Genet Alem in Tanzania.
All 17 students successfully completed the M.Sc. SPRING. We congratulate all students of the Batch 2015-2017 on their Master’s degree!
The picture shows the graduates in Chile.

Scholarships of the Carlo-Schmidt-Programme for SPRING Alumni

As part of the Carlo-Schmidt-Programme the DAAD grants scholarships for internships at UN organisations to professionally excellent postgraduates. The programme is financially supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

This year, just as last year, two of three submitted applications from SPRING Alumni convinced the selection panel. Fenesia from Indonesia and Ricardo Gellert Paris Jr. from Brazil obtained an internship at the UNESCO Office in Jakarta (Indonesia) and the WFP in La Paz (Bolivia) for 6 months, starting in September.

Final BBQ of the 2016/17 SPRING Batch

The first SPRING year is ending for the Batch 2016/17. All the students were preparing to leave Germany for their second year destinations. The evening before the first student had to leave Germany, the SPRING batch had a big BBQ with music, lots of traditional food from different countries and dancing and everyone enjoyed the evening a lot.

GIZ Students' Day on Urban Development

On the 3rd of Feburary, the current SPRING delegation travelled to the GIZ headquarter in Eschborn, where the annual GIZ Students' Day on Urban Development took place. During the event, representatives gave insight about GIZ's work and its approach on urban development, as well as about project experiences, whch were discussed by fresh returnees. After lunch, speaking corners on a range of relevant urban topics, such as urban waste management or decentralisation and local governance, invited for discussions among respective experts and students, which represented several international master programmes in Germany related to urban and regional planning.

Dr. Bernd Jenssen, former Managing Director of SPRING, has passed away. SPRING-Alumi, former and as well present staff of the School of Spatial Planning will keep him in memory as a highly dedicated lecturer and colleague.

In the early eighties Dr. Jenssen, together with other members of the School of Spatial Planning, initiated the establishment of the innovative Master Programme SPRING. He was decisively involved in preparing the application for financial support to the Bund-Länder-Kommission and the development of the SPRING curriculum. Subsequently, Dr. Jenssen was appointed the Managing Director of SPRING Dortmund, position which he held until his retirement in 2006. During his tenure he negotiated the partnership agreements with universities in Ghana, Thailand, Philippines and Chile.

After working with a number of planning institutions in Germany, he joined the Institute of Spatial Planning at the TU Dortmund University as a researcher on Third World development. At the School of Spatial Planning he also received his PhD.

In his research and lectures Dr. Jenssen dealt with polarisation reversal, planning as a dialogue, networks in district development planning, human settlement patterns, and strategies and concepts of regional development planning.

In overseas assignments (project funding or appraisal missions) for UNDP, GTZ, DSE and the TU Dortmund University, Dr. Jenssen designed short-term training curricula for courses in district development planning in Algeria, Indonesia, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Nepal and the Philippines.

Reintegration Workshop of Graduates of EPOS in Hanoi

In the beginning of September, the third reintegration workshop for graduates of the Development-Related Postgraduate Courses (EPOS) in Vietnam have been held at the German-Vietnamese Centre in Hanoi. It was jointly organised by the EPOS courses Development Management of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum and SPRING, whereas Prof. Dr. Einhard Schmidt-Kallert led through the workshop. About 40 alumni from Indonesia, Pakistan and Vietnam took part and developed together with employers from the region ideas for pilot projects to support scholarship holders upon their return home. The successfully proven concept aims to ensure that benefits from the advantages that EPOS alumni have can be also used by future scholarship holders. Among the most interesting ideas the following were considered as pilot projects:
1) Regional workshop series offered by EPOS alumni with the support of the DAAD branch in Hanoi
2) Elaboration of the website “Lighthouse” by EPOS alumni, on which information about job offerts, continuing education events etc. can be exchanged and forwarded
3) Establishing the mentoring programme “Leaders spark future leaders” by EPOS alumni, which provides adequate consultancy before, during and after the studies to the mentees by experienced alumni

SPRING Summer School in Nepal: Reconciling biodiversity conservation and livelihood needs in Nepal

Five years after having conducted an African summer school in Arusha, Tanzania, on the same topic, we organized a summer school on “Reconciling biodiversity conservation and livelihood needs” for Asian alumni in Nepal. Thanks to funding from DAAD, from September 20th to 29th 2016, alumni of the SPRING Master Programme as well as alumni of other German MSc courses came together in Kathmandu to share their experiences, present their own case studies and learn from the rich Nepalese experience. Prof. Dietwald Gruehn (Landscape Planning and Landscape Ecology), Dr. Karin Gaesing (International Planning Studies) and Prof. Einhard Schmidt-Kallert (now retired) shared their knowledge and experience from biodiversity conservation, tourism planning, regional planning and conflict resolution in Protected Area management. Participants from Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, the Philippines, Pakistan and Thailand enjoyed the hospitality of the Nepali SPRING alumni. The opening sessions in Kathmandu were followed by real hands-on field experience in Chitwan National Park and some of its surrounding communities. Besides exploring the park on foot or on the back of an elephant, the participants interviewed park management staff and community members about their roles in biodiversity conservation, conflicts between conservation and livelihood needs as well as solutions to reconcile both. The case studies presented as well as lessons learnt from the workshop will be published in 2017.

SPRING Opening Ceremony 2016

And another semester has started! On October 16th - 17th the new SPRING batch of 14 students from 11 different countries were welcomed by the faculty of the School of Spatial Planning. Among the invited speakers on the first day were Prof. Dr. Barbara Welzel, Prof. Dr. Karsten Zimmermann, Dr. Anne Weber and the head of SPRING Prof. Dr. Sabine Baumgart. SPRING alumni Vinson Pacheco even gave honour to the debutants by presenting a reflection about his particular SPRING experience. On the second day the students were given time to introduce themselves to each other and the SPRING team.

Excursion to East Germany 2016

Between September 23rd and September 25th, the new SPRING batch 2016/17 discovered German culture and history on an excursion to Eastern Germany. As part of the German and Culture Class that prepares the students for their stay in Germany, the trip was based on a tight programme. During three days the group visited cities like Eisenach, Dresden and Weimar. Among the main destinations were the Bach and Goethe Museum, the Wartburg and the concentration camp Buchenwald.

Sommerfest 2016 at TU Dortmund

On the 6th of July, the 7th Sommerfest of the TU Dortmund took place. The SPRING students also participated and prepared food from their homecountrys.They really enjoyed it from the beginning of the preparation to the day of the Sommerfest. The intercultural interaction at the Sommerfest was really enriching and a great opportunity to practice their German skills and taste delicates from all around the world. The Sommerfest made the students come closer again before they split up and leave to their 2nd year destionations in Chile, the Philippines, Ghana or Tanzania. The students said it will always be a happy day to remeber in the future.

Annual SPRING Party

On April 22 the annual SPRING party has taken place. Beside the traditional collective dining including meals from the SPRING students' home countries, the SPRINGies gave insight about the cultural importance of their respective traditional clothing, which they have worn that night. The students provided a well rounded programm, concluding with a musical performance by some of the group and a dance party, which has come to an end in early morning hours.

Berlin Excursion 2016

The SPRING batch 2015/16 discovered German culture and history on a four-day excursion to Berlin. Under the guidance of Paula Quentin we explored the capital of Germany from 24th to 27th February 2016. After the train journey we had a welcome dinner in a little restaurant near Tiergarten. On Thursday morning, we visited the former Tempelhof airport and Berlin City Models with Christian Hajer and discussed the structure of the German planning legislation on local and regional level. We met an activist of the Berlin cycling referendum in our hostel in the afternoon. Moreover, we met Peter Stein (alumni of Dortmund’s Faculty of Spatial Planning and member of the German Parliament) and explored the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) on Friday. In the afternoon we had a city walk through Berlin-Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg with Benjamin Wada-Ruetenik and talked about the German planning system. During a walk through Berlin underground the students discovered the past German history on Saturday morning. The trip was highlighted by visiting the cupola of the Reichstag with beautiful weather on our last day. The excursion was part of the SPRING Module 1.

New DAAD offer: Courses for reintegration

After graduating abroad and returning to their home country, students often report that they are struggling to find back in their old job or to find a new job. This might happen due to a lack of organization in the respective country but also because of corruption and/ or debates within the families.
The workshop started with students of the SPRING master offered at TU Dortmund and “Development Management” offered by the Ruhr-Universität Bochum.
The courses provides students with a wide variety of possibilities, making reintegration easier. The students simulate looking for a job, take different roles of members of the family, employers and supporting organizations to create a better understanding about their positions. In addition they get to know the application standards for German or international employers, giving them new insights into the process of applying.
As the request for this kind of courses was and is quite high, in the near future the courses will aim at students of all the AGEP postgraduate study programs to make reintegration easier after studying abroad.
For more information click here.

Interview on MDG8 and SDG's by Christine Bonsu

As part of the interview series Goal 8: Building a global partnership for development, Christine Bonsu (SPRING Batch 2013/15) gave an interview on the Millennium Development Goal 8 and Sustainable Development Goals to the DAAD.
The interview has been published and can be found online here!

Christmas and the end of the year are coming closer, the holidays will start soon. The SPRING staff wishes everyone:


SPRING Network Meeting 2015

November 2015 - From Nov. 9 to 13 the annual SPRING Network Meeting took place in Kumasi, Ghana. All partner universities had sent their representatives Angela Morales (UACh), Carmeli Marie C. Chaves (UP-SURP), Dr. Ally Hasan Namangaya (ARU) and Dr. Wolfgang Scholz and Dr. Anne Weber (TU Do). Dr. Eric Oduro-Ofori and Dr. Daniel Inkoom represented the host partner.

The first two days were committed to the admission of SPRING students for the next academic year and the selection of qualified candidates for DAAD scholarships, which was conducted together with Berit Stoppa, Director of the DAAD Information Center Accra.

In the following three days the SPRING network participants discussed SPRING internals, met their colleagues of the Department of Planning and visited the Manhyia Palace Museum and the Bonwire Kente Village.


Engagement Weltweit - professional fair

On November 14th Vilim Brezina, responsible for public relations of the School of Spatial Planning, and the student assistants Ricarda Koch and Maria Kik represented the SPRING programme at the annual development related fair ENGAGEMENT WELTWEIT in Bonn. Apart from popular institutions like GIZ and KfW, a lot of NGOs and other german study programmes joined the fair. This year, 1.300 people visited the event, where furthermore talks and round tables about topics which are related with employment in the development field were offered. Interested aspirants were able to ask questions and to exchange experiences. It has been an enriching afternoon for the visitors, as well as for the exhibitors.

Semester Opening Ceremony 2015/16

On October 19th - 20th the official opening ceremony was held to welcome 18 new members of the SPRING family from four different continents by the School of Spatial Planning. Among the invited speakers on the first day were Prof. Dr. Barbara Welzel, Prof. Dr. Karsten Zimmermann, Prof. Dr. Einhard Schmidt-Kallert, Dr. Anne Weber and the head of SPRING Prof. Dr. Sabine Baumgart. On the second day the students were given time to introduce themselves to each other and SPRING team.

Farewell to Dr. Karin Gaesing

 Dr. Karin Gaesing, long time SPRING lecturer, started her new job at the Institute for Development and Peace (INEF) at the University of Duisburg. Since October 1st 2015 she manages the research project “How to overcome extreme poverty and food insecurity”, which is funded by the German Ministry of Economic Development and Cooperation.

 She will not leave TU Dortmund University completely. She will continue to conduct the DAAD-funded research project on education and career development paths of alumni of German Master programmes which are offered to students from developing countries.

 We wish her all the best for her new job and hope to see her at SPRING from time to time.


Excursion to East Germany 2015

From saturday, 12th of september to monday evening, 14th of september the new SPRING Batch 2015/16 discovered German culture on a 3 day excursion to east Germany as a part of the German language course.Under the guidance of Dr. Elmar Winters-Ohle, the place to visit on the bus ride was the former concentration camp "Mittelbau-Dora". From there the group went to Weimar to follow the traces of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The day ended in a hotel in Jena. On sunday the group visited the Daetz-Centrum in Lichtenstein before going to Dresden to experience one of Germanys most famous and cultural rich cities. On the last day the first destination to visit was Eisenach, to visit the Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Haus, listen to some live performed music and find out more about the famous composer. The last destination before going back to Dortmund was the famous Wartburg, including a guided tour and a live view on the room where Martin Luther lived for some time.



Final Event 2015

On August 14th we celebrated the farewell of the SPRING batch 2014/15 with the annual Final Event. Congratulations to all SPRING students for a successful first year in Dortmund. We wish you all the best for your second year destination in Chile, Ghana and the Philippines.




Workshop in Kenya

On June 5th and 6th 2015 the second Workshop on “Reintegration into domestic job markets - Kenya” was held at the Fairview Hotel in Nairobi. This is a networking activity initiated by EPOS-network coordinator Robin Pass.

Building up on the results generated in the first workshop on “reintegration into domestic job markets”, the overall objective of the workshop series is to achieve a better connection and cross-linkage between the courses of study in the EPOS-program and their graduates with (potential) employers. Furthermore, the results generated in the second workshop shall contribute to a further development of the range of (additional) interdisciplinary qualifications, the EPOS-study programs might offer its students.

For that purpose, 14 alumni from courses of studies of the EPOS-program as well as employers from different sectors have been invited to the workshop. The group of employers consists of executives and human resource specialists from the field of development and international cooperation, civil services and administrations, the private sector, consulting businesses, universities and NGO’s.

The combination of alumni and employers provides a great opportunity to mirror and reflect on the experiences made on both sides. Employers may ponder about what kind of experiences they made in hiring staff (national vs internationally trained graduates), what expectations they have and what kind of structures they may provide for an ideal integration of new employees and their ideas. Graduates can contemplate on their expectations regarding employers and how they might best implement their newly acquired skills and knowledge into the corresponding organization.

Annual SPRING Party

On Mai 22nd, 2015 the annual SPRING party, which was organized by the current batch, has taken place in the SPRING facilities. Both students with their friends and family members and the SPRING staff enjoyed a great evening together. A wide variety of delicious traditional food from the home countries of our students together with a lively entertainment program made this evening a great success.


Annual SPRING Party is Coming Up

Looking forward to the annual SPRING party on 22nd May, we don't want to hide from you the spirit that can be created by an encounter of people from all around the world. This song, written by SPRING student Josephus Ellie, was performed by a combo of SPRING students and student assistants at the last year's SPRING party. Enjoy!

Silence Candle Prayer

On 6th May a silence candle prayer has taken place in the SPRING facilities in order to commemorate the victims of the earthquake in Nepal. Since the current SPRING batch includes one Nepalese, the compassion was especially high. After having observed a minute of silence, individual thoughts and wishes concerning the nepalese disaster were shared with the attenders. Additionally, with everyone's contribution it was possible to donate in total 375 euros to the German charity organisations Aktion Deutschland Hilft and Bündnis Entwicklung Hilft who work at the operation site in Nepal.

GIZ Student Days

On January 16th, 2015, the SPRING students attended the GIZ “Students‘ Day on Urban Development 2015” with the topic “Communal and urban development ininternational shared development work”. The participants receivedinformation about the work of GIZ regarding sustainable urban development and learned job opportunities at GIZ. Furthermore they discussed with GIZ experts about relevant urban development issues.

SPRING Colloquium Series – Member of the German Parliament Peter Stein at the TU Dortmund

On the 9th of January 2015, Peter Stein, Member of the German Parliament, gave a presentation on "The Function of the Committee for Economic Cooperation and Development in the Context of German Development cooperation" at the TU Dortmund. This event of the SPRING Colloquium series was held at the Rudolf-Chaudoire-Pavillon on Campus South. Mr Stein is a Christian democrat and represents the constituency of Rostock. He is a member of the committee of economic cooperation and development as well as the committee of business and energy of the German Parliament. In his lecture Mr. Stein – who is also an alumni from TU Dortmund that graduated with a diploma as an architect for city planning here in 1993 - tackled the questions: "Who are the players and stakeholders in German development politics? What are the present priorities in German development policy?" as well as the complex "Urbanization in developing countries – Challenge and chance at the same time". Afterwards he took plenty of time to answer all the questions of a curious audience, to round up a very informative and interesting session. The SPRING Programme is very thankful to have had the opportunity to welcome such a high profile guest speaker.





SPRING Colloquium Special Event - Neven Subotic at the TU Dortmund

On the 10th of December at a SPRING Colloquium special event the professional football player of Dortmund's BVB gave a presentation on his foundation, the Neven-Subotic-Foundation.

It was his 26th birthday but Neven still took his time to talk to Students of the TU Dortmund and other interested people about his foundation and his motivation behind it. In an impressive presentation he showed the situation of poor people in Ethiopia and the meaning of water and sanitary facilities in this context. His foundation invests money in water supply wells and toilets at schools for example. Accounting to Neven it is “a really important contribution to the health of many children there”. He explained that he invests parts of his own money in the project, so that it’s possible that every donation gets where it belongs – 100% of it. He said that especially people who had the luck to be born in the rich and save countries around the world should be thankful for what they have and therefore keep open minded to the fortune of other people. His hope was, to make some people think about it by his presentation- and maybe make them help some needy people.

Fore more information about his foundation please click here: The Neven-Subotic-Foundation (German website).

SPRING Colloquium Special Event - Neven Subotic presents his foundation

On the 10th of December 2014, from 16:00 to 18:00, Neven Subotic, professional football player from Borussia Dortmund, will give a presentation on his foundation – the Neven-Subotic-Foundation – and his motivation behind it, in a special event in the framework of the SPRING Colloquium series. The presentation will be held in room 103 on the ground level of GB III, at the Southern Campus of the TU Dortmund. The presentation will be held in English!

Neven Subotic was born on December 10th 1988 in Banja Luka, Bosnia. He came to Germany in 1990, together with his parents and his sister, where they lived close to Pforzheim until 1999. From there they immigrated to Salt Lake City, Utah, in the United States of America, for not having to return to war torn Yugoslavia. That is where Neven laid the foundation for his football career, by playing in the youth national team of the US. He signed his first professional contract in 2006 with Bundesliga club Mainz 05. In 2008 he transferred to Dortmund and is playing for the BVB ever since.

The SPRING Colloquium is aimed at students, doctoral students and researchers of the faculty for spatial planning, but is open to everyone interested in development related topics. The SPRING Colloquium is designed to provide valuable insights into the theory and practice of the field of development politics. Therefore we regularly invite researchers and practitioners from the most relevant national and international institutions.



SPRING Network Meeting 2014

November 2014 - From Nov. 10 to 14 the annual SPRING Network Meeting took place in Dortmund. All partner universities had sent their representatives: Dr. Felix Fuders and Patricio Belloy (UACh), Dr. Mario Delos Reyes and Carmeli Marie C. Chaves (UP-SURP), Dr. Eric Oduro-Ofori (KNUST), Dr. Ally Hasan Namangaya (ARU) and Prof. Dr. Sabine Baumgart, Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Tietz, Dr. Karin Gaesing, Dr. Wolfgang Scholz  and Dr. Anne Weber (TU Do). The first two days were committed to the admission of SPRING students for the next academic year and the selection of qualified candidates for DAAD scholarships, which was conducted together with representatives from DAAD (Gabriele von Fircks and Lidia Aouba). In the evening of the second day the representatives met this year’s students to provide information about the 2nd year of the SPRING Programme. On Nov 12 and 13 SPRING network participants discussed internals. Friday was assigned for a presentation from Prof. Boyle, Wayne State University, Detroit on “Detroit – A Broken City in a Fractured Region” and bi-lateral meetings between TU Dortmund representatives and their colleagues from SPRING partner universities.

Semester Opening

On October 6th - 7th the 19 new SPRING from 15 different were welcomed by the faculty of the School of spatial planning. Among the invited speakers on the first days were Prof. Dr. Barbara Welzel, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietwald Gruehn, Dr. Anne Weber and the head of SPRING Prof. Dr. Sabine Baumgart. On the second day the students were given time to introduce themselves to each other and the faculty.


Conference: Multilocality in the Global South and North: Factors, features and policy implications

On thursday September 18th 2014, the Conference Multilocality in the Global South and North: Factors, features and policy implications took place at the TU Dortmund. For more information please click on the picture or click here to visit the International Planning Studies (IPS) website.



Excursion to East Germany 2014

September 2014 – The new SPRING batch 2014/15 discovered German culture and history on a three-day excursion to East Germany as part of the German language course that prepares the students for their stay in Dortmund. Under the guidance of Dr. Elmar Winters-Ohle the students explored the history of Wartburg (UNESCO world heritage) and followed the traces of Johannes Sebastian Bach in Eisenach by listening to a live music performance on historical instruments. In Leipzig the students were able to experience the cultural rich city by a guided tour and the Asisi’s impressive 360° panorama showing Leipzig in the aftermath of the Battle of Nations in 1813. The poets’ homes of Goethe and Schiller were the destinations in Weimar, before the students visited the former concentration camp Buchenwald. The trip was highlighted by watching a firework in Jena at the JenTower.



Prof. Dr. Schmidt-Kallert is named Professor Ad-Honorem of UACh

During the graduation ceremony in Valdivia, Prof. Jorge Díaz Castro (Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences) handed over a diploma of gratitude and appreciation to Prof. Dr. Schmidt-Kallert, Head of SPRING Dortmund, for having integrated UACh into the SPRING university network.

In the name of UACh, Dr. Felix Fuders dignified the Head of SPRING Dortmund as Professor Ad-Honorem of the Institute of Economy of the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences. Prof. Dr. Schmidt-Kallert received this nomination evidently surprised and affected. He pointed out that this ceremony is very special to him because it will be his last ceremony as Head of the SPRING Programme since his retirement is getting closer.


Graduation of SPRING students in Valdivia, Chile

July 2014 -The graduation exams in Valdivia took place the 17th and 18th of July which were hosted by Dr. Felix Fuders (SPRING coordinator UACh), Prof. Einhard Schmidt-Kallert (Head of SPRING at TU Dortmund University) and Prof. Víctor Jacques Parraguez (Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences of UACh). The six SPRING students Akosua Osei-Appaw and Hanna Adom-Ameyaw, both from Ghana, Maya Virdayanti from Indonesia, Irina Popusoi from Moldova, Bonnie Mendoza from the Philippines and Md. Shakil Khan from Bangladesh participated successfully and received their certificate of graduation with excellent results. Moreover Dr. Manfred Max-Neef (Right Livelihood Award Laureate 1983) encouraged the SPRING graduates in his talk to continue their professional and personal life in accordance to one’s convictions. “In the end of the career”, he says, “you will look at the past and feel proud and very happy of what you did. The more you gave of you to others, the more you have been grown. This is my advice with my best wishes for you.”


SPRING Ghana – Workshop Presentation and Master Thesis Defense

June 2014 – The exam period for SPRING Ghana has taken place the 12th and 13th of June 2014. The international SPRING Student Mathew William Makufwe successful defended his Master Thesis and three workshop groups presented their findings and results about a new Mid Term Development Plan for Kwahu West Municipal Assembly (2014 – 2017).


SPRING Party 2014

16.05.2014 - The annual SPRING Party, organized by the current batch, was a great success.

A wide variety of delicious traditional food from the different home countries together with the lively entertainment programme gave the Party its outstanding atmosphere.

The students and guests enjoyed and took part in a game show and an interactive role-play “One morning at TU-Dortmund”. Further, they showed their performance as dancer, singer and actor. A special highlight was the premiere of the SPRING Bollywood movie.


The new AGEP homepage is online!

20.05.2014 - The new homepage of the German Association of Postgraduate Programmes with Special Relevance to Developing Countries (AGEP), of which the SPRING Master is a member, is online:

Prospective and current students from around the world will find all relevant information about the AGEP postgraduate courses, their common events and about living and studying in Germany in a clearly structured and easy to use way. Furthermore the AGEP homepage offers you access to the AGEP group in the Alumniportal Deutschland, the largest online platform for international cooperation. In there, students and alumni from the AGEP programmes have the chance to connect themselves and discuss specialist matters with experts from around the world.        

SPRING batch at the GIZ Students' Day on Urban Development

24.01.2014 - The current SPRING batch visited together with some student assistants the GIZ Students' Day on Urban Development in Eschborn. The day included different presentations on urban development. Different speakers, who are working for the GIZ, informed the students about their projects and job opportunities.

Md. Shahinoor Rahman visited SPRING

17.01.2014 – Md. Shahinoor Rahman (SPRING Batch 2009/11) visited SPRING during his stay in Enschede, Netherlands. He graduated at UACh, Valdiva, Chile where he got interest in the field of disaster science and management from his MSc thesis work. Since the completion of SPRING, he works as lecturer at the Institute of Disaster Prevention and Urban Safety, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). He is serving as a Board Member (Research and Publications) of 11th Executive Board of Bangladesh Institute of Planners (BIP). He currently attends a short course on Remote Sensing (RS) and GIS on Natural Hazard Assessment at Faculty of Geospatial Science and Earth Observation University of Twente, Enschede.

SPRING Network Meeting 2013

12.11.2013 - This year the SPRING Network Meeting is going to take place in Manila from 10th until 17th of november. The first three days of the meeting focusing on admission of SPRING students (Batch 2014/15), the selection of candidates for DAAD scholarship, the future of SPRING and network issues. The annual meeting concludes with the International Conference on Smarter Cities - Planning Smarter Cities Towards a Better Quality of Life.

Semester start

05.11.2013 - On October 14th - 15th the 18 new SPRING students from 16 different countries were welcomed by the faculty of the School of Spatial Planning. Among the invited speakers on the first day were the Dean Prof. Tietz, Prof. Schmidt-Kallert and Dr. Anne Weber. On the second day, the students were given time to introduce themselves to each other and the faculty.

New SPRING Batch on East-Germany-Excursion

25.09.2013 - Under the guidance of Dr. Elmar Winters-Ohle the excursion on regional and cultural studies of the new SPRING batch 2013/2014 brought the students to Eisenach, Jena, Leipzig, Weimar and Buchenwald. Between the 20th and 22nd of September they discovered past and contemporary German culture and history, such as following the traces of Johann Sebastian Bach or Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The students were able to explore the culturally rich cities by guided tours and by themselves. The excursion is part of the German language course that prepares the students for their year of studies in Dortmund.

Final Event 2013

16.08.2013 - The 29th SPRING Batch celebrated the conclusion of the first year with the annual Final Event. Among the speakers were Prof. Einhard Schmidt-Kallert, Head of the ISPC and Dr. Elmar Winters-Ohle, former Head of the Language Center. The class speaker, Edgar Jr. Reyes was closing the speakers round with an impressive video. Special Highlight this year was the “interrogation” of staff members, student assistants and students through Akosua Friyie Osei-Appaw and Karin Torres Buelvas. The students are now preparing for their second year destination to Ghana, Tanzania, Chile or the Philippines.

SPRING participated at Campuslauf

17.07.2013 – There is a saying about sports, “a place with sports arenas no patients would be there”.  Campuslauf, the event was held at Nord campus TU Dortmund on 15th May, 2013. More than 1000 enthusiastic and energetic athletes participated in 2.5 km, 5 km and 10 km race as individual and teams of different faculties and clubs including all age groups. Every faculty of TU Dortmund formed their own teams with different names, the team Traumplaner, led by Dr. Prof Einhard Schmidt-Kallert, consisted of Raumplanung faculty members and students. The team spirit was very high to achieve the victory. The Traumplaner team was energetic and encouraged by the leader who himself was participating in 10 km race. more

Millennium Express stops at TU Dortmund University

19.06.2013 – The event, hosted by the SPRING students and funded by DAAD, will be held 21-22 June in Dortmund with focus on "Gearing towards Community Resiliency, Addressing the Scarcity of Productive Resources”. This kick-off workshop will focus on strategies and solutions for countries where resources are scarce.

Visit from the University of Rostow, Russia


April 4th 2013 - A delegation from the University of Rostow/Russia visited the Faculty of Spatial Planning/TU Dortmund University to learn more about the SPRING Programme. Dr. Katrin Bäumer gave them a presentation on philosphy, structure, and contents of this international MSc Programme. In the following discussion it became obvious once more, that SPRING functions as a best practice example when it comes to international university co-operation and joint higher education teaching concepts.




Genevieve Sparkles attended a Summer School in Peru


April 2013 - The SPRING student Genevieve Sevlo Sparkles (Batch 2011/12), currently studying at UACh, has attended the International Summer School ‘Lima beyond the Park’ in Peru from 18.2.-3.3.2013. The summer school was organised by the Institute of Landscape Planning and Ecology (ILPÖ) of the University of Stuttgart in cooperation with four other Universities and financed by DAAD. The participants explored different technologies, designs and methods to improve the use of the limited water resources in the Worlds second driest megacity: LIMA-Peru by adopting Water Sensitive Urban Designs

Working in Lima with a growing population of about 9million inhabitants and an annual rainfall of 9mm was not just an eye opener but also challenging and exciting. The need for a multi-disciplinary approach to managing the 21st century urban cities was a key feature as participants were from different professions: water engineers, agriculture engineers, architects, spatial planners, social scientist, environmentalist and landscape architects.

Lima and for that matter Peru cannot be talked about without mentioning the beautiful archaeological sites, rich indigenous culture and of course good, tasty food which added to the exciting experience.

Genevieve Sparkles




SPRING Network Meeting 2012

November 2012 - From Nov 5 to 9, the annual SPRING Network Meeting took place in Dortmund. All the partner universities had sent their representatives, Mario Delos Reyes (Philippines), Ally Hasan Namangaya (Tanzania), Patricio Belloy (Chile), Eric Oduro-Ofori and Dan Inkoom (Ghana). The first two days were comitted to the admission of SPRING students for the next academic year and the selection of qualified candidates for DAAD scholarships, which was conducted together with the representatives from DAAD (Anke Stahl and Birgit Skailes). A focus of the following days was a discussion of scenarios and exchange of ideas about the future direction of the SPRING programme to meet anticipated challenges. These were also attended by Prof. Wiechmann, who is a member of the ISPC Board. The last day saw two lectures in the SPRING Colloquium given by Alfredo Erlwein from the Universidad Austral de Chile and Mario Delos Reyes from the University of the Philippines.



SPRING Semester Start

October 2012 - On October 8 - 9 the new SPRING batch was welcomed by the faculty of the School of Spatial Planning. Among the invited speakers on the first day were representatives of the International Office, the Dean Prof. Tietz, the former head of SPRING Prof. Kreibich, and Prof. Schmidt-Kallert who currently heads the International Spatial Planning Centre. On the second day, the students were given time to introduce themselves to each other and the faculty.

New SPRING Batch on East-Germany-Excursion

October 2012 - Under the guidance of Dr. Elmar Winters-Ohle the excursion on regional and cultural studies of the new SPRING batch brought the students to Eisenach, Jena, Leipzig, Weimar and Nordhausen. Between the 28th and 30th of September they discovered past and contemporary German culture and history. The excursion is part of the German language course that prepares the students for their year of studies in Dortmund.

Scholarship of the Caspar Ludwig Opländer Foundation for SPRING

October 2012 - This summer the International Spatial Planning Centre was granted a full scholarship by the Caspar Ludwig Opländer Foundation in Dortmund. It is provided for one international SPRING student. The scholarship covers all costs that arise during the SPRING programme. It will be awarded for the first time for the intake 2013/14. For details please contact Dr. Anne Weber.

Workshop on migrant labour in China

October 2012 - During the 14th and 16th September 2012 a workshop on migrant labour in China was held in Hongkong, organised by the Department of Spatial Planning in Developing Countries in cooperation with the projects Forum Arbeitswelten and Globalization Monitor. Aim of the workshop was to present and discuss the results of a research project that analysed the situation of migrant workers in China co-organised by Prof. Einhard Schmidt-Kallert in 2010.

Good Governance Debate Series

September 2012 - The GGDS (Good Governance Debate Series) Grand Final organised by Clean Africa was held on 19th of Septemver in Freiburg, Germany. The finale was distributed between the SPRING team of TU Dortmund University and the team from Willy Brandt School of Public Policy in Erfurt. The final result leave the SPRING team as the runners-up of the event, earning two silver medals as well as some additional prizes.


Final Event 2012

August 2012 - On Friday 17, SPRING celebrated the conclusion of the first year with its annual Final Event. Among the speakers were Prof. Einhard Schmidt-Kallert, Head of the International Spatial Planning Centre, and Dr. Karin Gaesing, a lecturer in the master programme. Both reflected on the knowledge and experience of studying in the SPRING programme and living in Germany. From the students the class speaker Hassan Njama addressed the audience. The students are now destined to leave for their second year to Ghana, Tanzania, Chile or the Philippines.


SPRING students at the Good Governance Debate Series

August 2012 - The Good Governance Debate Series is the first of its kind organized by the African Good Governance Network in collaboration with CLEAN AFRICA e.V.. The programme is aiming to encourage potential African leaders to engage in dialogue instead of conflict and to raise attention for the activities of postgraduate courses for professionals dealing with developing countries in the German media. Five schools participated in the competition and after the quarter and semi finals SPRING and the team from the Willy Brand School of Public Policy in Erfurt qualified for the finals in September. SPRING was represented by Peter Kiula, Nadia Noor, Genivieve Sevlo and Boris Funes. Members of the team won two awards for the best and second best speakers of the competition.

Mustapha Haruna visted SPRING

26th July 2012 - Mustapha Haruna (SPRING Batch 2010/12) just graduated at UACh, Valdiva, Chile. On his way back to Ghana he visited friends in Germany and SPRING Dortmund. In the scope of the SPRING Colloquium he gave a presentation on “Indigenous Knowledge and Native Forest Management in Mapuche in Chile” highlighting findings from his own empirical research.

Within the DAAD Carlo-Schmid-Programme DAAD Mustapha has been awarded a scholarship for an internship at FAO starting 1st October 2012 in Rome, Italy. For six month he will be working at the Office of Knowledge Exchange Research and Extension and join the project about “Technology and Practice for Small Agriculture Producer”.


Summerschool "Education, Planning & Abilities" 2012

June 25th to July 5th - ISPC/SPRING and the department of rehabilitation sociology of TU Dortmund hosted a Summer School on "Planning, Education and Abilities". Fourteen Kenyan and Ghanaian students from various disciplines as diverse as spatial planning, mathematics and economics took part. The programme covered a wide range of activities including different workshops and lectures, guided tours to interesting sites in Dortmund like the urban redevelopment project Lake Phoenix or the DASA, a visit of the control centre of DSW 21, the public transport agency in Dortmund, and many other activities (see Programme). This Summer School would not have been possible without the kind support by the State of North Rhine Westphalia.

The new DAAD brochure


June 2012 - Have a look at the DAAD Brochure with some SPRING alumni. It is about 25 years of Development-Related Postgraduate Courses in Germany and the Millenium Express which also took place in Dortmund.

SPRING Party 2012

June 6th 2012 - The annual SPRING Party organized by the current batch was a great success. A wide variety of traditional food from the different home countries and 
a lively entertainment programme gave the Party its outstanding athmosphere.

SPRING Network Meeting

June 2012 - From June 4-6 the SPRING network meeting took place in Dortmund with representatives of all five partner universities. Focus of the discussions was the mid- to long-term future of the SPRING programme in terms of its structure, content, funding and student target groups. This is an ongoing process to align the programme to current and anticipated challenges. The event also facilitated ideas for research collaboration and an exchange with the SPRING students.

SPRING at Campus Lauf 2012

As in the previous years a team of SPRING students participated successfully in the TU Dortmund University Campus Lauf. As usual that meant lots of fun for the runners - and the audience were swept off their feet.


Luis Felipe Melgarejo in Dortmund

May 10th 2012 - Luis Felipe Melgarejo from Colombia, who joined the SPRING-programme in 2003, visited his friends and former lecturers on April 23rd in Dortmund. He was on a short visit in Germany as a preselected candidate for the International Climate Protection Fellowship, a programme initiated by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. His proposal deals with the topic of regional governance of climate change hazards and methods for rapid shelter assessment. Luis Felipe Melgarejo took the chance and presented it to the current SPRING-students and lecturers. His project was finally selected and will start in autumn this year. 
After completing SPRING, Luis Felipe Melgarejo worked as a GIZ advisor on peacebuilding, governance and conflict transformation in Colombia. Recently his research and consultancy work focuses on the challenges of regional planning for adaptation and mitigation of climate change in developing countries.


Julio Estrada visited SPRING

April 11th 2012 – In March the former SPRING student Julio Estrada (Batch 2006/07) used his invitation to a conference in Lüneburg for a brief visit in Dortmund. After completing the SPRING programme he started working as regional planner in the Regional and Land Use Planning Department, the governmental planning institution of Guatemala. During his stopover in Dortmund he shared his practical experiences in regional planning and presented a proposal for a 2013 Conference where former SPRING students will discuss relevant urban planning topics.

SPRING batch 2011/12 in Berlin

April 4th 2012 - During March 27th and 30th the current SPRING batch visited Berlin. The 22 students were accompanied by two staff members of the ISPC. Together they discovered old and new sites of the German capital in a number of guided tours and sight visits. Of course this included a visit to to the "Reichstag", the German Parliament building, as well as the "Prenzlauer Berg" and the former royal city of Potsdam. Other items of the programme were a discussion at the Berlin-Brandenburg Department for Intergovernmental Cooperation in Regional Planning and a presentation on Capital-City Planning at the Senate of Urban Development.

Millenium Express

Several SPRING students took part in the DAAD Millennium Express Workshop "Safe Food for ALL - Food Safety & Food Security" from 28-29 Februar in Hannover. To See their comments watch this video.


SPRING is on Facebook

February 20th 2012 - The official Facebook-page of SPRING is up and running. All friends of SPRING are welcome to follow the latest news and events on the new Facebook-page. A platform where all members of the SPRING family can meet, communicate and stay in contact. Feel free to join us too!

SPRING batch visited DASA

January 25th 2012 - The participants of the SPRING batch 2011/12 visited the DASA Working World Exhibition in Dortmund. Together with Dr. Anne Weber, the managing director of SPRING, the students discovered the world of work from the occupational safety and health point of view. The interactive exhibition is part of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and provides an overview on how the future of work will look like.

SPRING graduate Samjhana Bista won the Martin-Schmeißer-Medal 2011

December 16th 2011 - The former SPRING graduate Samjhana Bista from Nepal received the Martin-Schmeißer-Medal 2011 for her excellent Master thesis with international context. After studying in Dortmund and at our Chilean partner university in Valdivia she finished her SPRING Master in 2010. Her Master thesis delivers an important input for the worldwide discussion on the conflict between diversity and socio-economic interests of indigenous populations.
Because of her professional obligations in Nepal Samjhana Bista could not accept the medal herself but has sent her husband Ramji Bogati, currently a PhD candidate of the Faculty of Spatial Planning, to represent her during the award
(Photo: Rector TU Dortmund University Prof. Ursula Gather (left), Ramji Bogati (middle), Prorector Diversity Management Pof. Barbara Welzel (right))

SPRING alumna and PhD student is DAAD prize winner of 2011

November 10th 2011 - Dr. Genet Alem was awarded the DAAD-prize 2011 of the Technical University of Dortmund. Originally born in Ethiopia, she studied architecture in Cuba and passed the SPRING Master programme in Dortmund. In 2011 Prof. Einhard Schmidt-Kallert awarded her a PhD. The award is given to foreign students with social engangement beyond their studies. While working for her doctoral thesis she founded a Peer-Review-Programme for English-speaking PhD candidates and prepared presentations on different topics. She also organized meetings and leisure activities, which were very popular among other students.
(Photo: Dr. Genet Alem (left), Rector TU Dortmund University Prof. Ursula Gather (right))

SPRING University Network Meeting in Chile

November 7th to 12th 2011 - This year the SPRING University Network has met in Valdivia, Chile. The agenda included the following topics. 1) Admission of SPRING students for the intake 2012/13, selection of candidates for DAAD and NRW scholarships; 2) Exchange on and discussion about the 2nd year planning workshop, re-accreditation, marketing of SPRING and raising of scholarships.

SPRING at "Engagement Weltweit"

November 12th 2011 - SPRING was present at the job and education fair “Engagement Weltweit” in Bonn on 12 November 2011. The event is a platform for German organizations of international development cooperation (government, non-government, firms) to present their work and get in touch with young professionals and students who seek a career in development practice and studies. During the whole day the SPRING stall was heavily frequented demonstrating the increasing demand for a specialised training at the Master level in this field.

SPRING Batch played climate change game "Cooling down"

October 18th 2011 - During the seminar "Key Concepts" the participants of the SPRING batch 2011/12 attended a workshop on climate change. In an interactive game, called "Cooling down" - which was supervised by Dr. Otto Ulrich - the students simulated a world climate conference. The game was also equiped with online material, which provided an entertaining learning experience for the new batch.

Opening Ceremony for new SPRING Batch

October 10th 2011 - On the 10th of October the new SPRING Batch was welcome by Dr. Anne Weber, Managing Director at SPRING. In a two day orientation phase the 22 new students from 16 different countries got the chance to get to know each other and their lecturers.

New SPRING Batch on East-Germany-Excursion

September 30th to October 2nd 2011 - After having four weeks german language course, the new SPRING Batch discovered german culture and history on a three-day excursion in eastern Germany.

Final Event for SPRING Batch 2010/11

August 19th 2011 - The Final Event took place on 19th of August at the Rudoplh Chadoire Pavillion, TU Dortmund. All students received their certificates and celebrated the first year with the SPRING team. They are looking forward now to their second year destination in Chile, Tanzania, Ghana and Philippines.

Summerschool "Education, Planning & Abilities"

July 20th to 30th - ISPC/SPRING and the department of rehabilitation sociology of TU Dortmund hosted a Summer School on „Planning, Education and Abilities“. Fourteen Kenyan and Ghanaian students from various disciplines as diverse as spatial planning, pedagogy and mining studies took part. The programme covered a wide range of activities including lectures on history, politics and spatial planning in Germany and the Ruhr Area, workshops on quality and conflict management, an interview with a member of the state assembly of North-Rhine Westphalia in Düsseldorf and many other activities (see Programme). This Summer School was the third of its kind and is funded by the State of North Rhine Westphalia.

Millennium Express - Planning for Disaster Prone Areas

May 2011 - After two successful seminar/workshops conducted for the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the German Academic Service Exchange (DAAD) for the “Post Graduate Courses for Professionals with Relevance to Developing Countries,” the wagon was set for the next destination: Dortmund. The third leg of the millennium express was conducted at the International Center (IBZ) of TU Dortmund last April 29 and 30, 2011, entitled, Planning for Disaster Prone Areas: Strategies, Approaches and Experiences from Haiti.

Guest lecturer from University of Athens at SPRING

April 2011 - We are pleased to welcome Prof. Kalliopi Sapountzaki from the Harokopio University of Athens as a visiting lecturer. During the Summer Semester she will deliver lectures across various courses of the SPRING programme: Environmental Planning and Management, Financing and Budgeting, Human Settlements Planning and the SPRING Colloquium. Prof. Sapountzaki’s expertise is particularly in geographies of risk and vulnerability with respect to seismic disasters, forest fires, water famine and other natural disasters.

SPRING-Batch 2010/11 in Berlin

April 2011 - The annual excursion to Berlin from March 29 to April 1 was again a highlight of the SPRING Programme for the 18 Master students. They were blessed with the best spring weather and enjoyed four days packed with guided tours about the government district and the Reichstag including the historic and contemporary urban development of Berlin and the former royal city of Potsdam. This was complemented by visits at the Senate Department of Urban Development in Berlin, the Berlin-Brandenburg Department for Inter-governmental Cooperation in Regional Planning in Potsdam and a tour through the neighbourhood management area of Gropiusstadt in Neukölln.

DAAD-SPRING Millennium Express Dortmund

April 2011 - The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Section 431 for ‘’Postgraduate Courses for Professionals with Re­levance to Developing Countries’’ is supporting interlinkages of its scholarship holders by funding student-organi­sed, interdisciplinary conferences as part of activities towards the 25th Anniversary celebration of the section in 2012. The first of this series of workshops was held in Dresden in November 2010 with the second one due at the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg in February this year (website link).
This seminar on the theme ‘planning for disaster prone areas: approaches, strategies and experience from Haiti’ is the third in the series and is being organised by participants of SPRING 2010/2011 of the TU Dortmund University. The participants of SPRING are professionals of various backgrounds from fourteen different countries from Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Last Chance: Two weeks left for application

March 2011 - The Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung/bpb) is granting fellowships to students and young graduates, enabling them to take part in a five-week seminar to be held from 14th to 29th August 2011 in Germany and in March 2012 in Kenya.

Opening Ceremony for new SPRING-Batch

October 11th 2010 - On the 11th of October 2010 nineteen students from Africa, South-America and Asia began their Master’s programme at SPRING with a two day orientation phase. On the first day the rector of the TU Dortmund University, Prof. Dr. Ursula Gather, the dean of the Faculty of Spatial Planning, Prof. Christa Reicher and other representatives of important institutions of the university and the faculty (e.g. the “Fachschaft”) sent welcome notes to the new students.

SPRING broadcasted on Deutsche Welle Radio

September 21st 2010 - The DW-Radio (Deutsche Welle) did an Interview with Prof. Dr. Schmidt-Kallert and a current SPRING student about the history of SPRING and experiences with the Programme. The Radio-interview was broadcasted as a Live Stream on August 28th 2010, and is now available as a Podcast-download.

  • Download here (The Main topic "SPRING" starts at 9min 50sec).
  • Also a printed version of the interview is online on the DW - Webpage





Excursion of SPRING-Batch 2010/11 to East-Germany

September 17th to 19th 2010 - This year in September the regional excursion took the new SPRING batch for three days to Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia to discover Germany in its multifaceted culture and history. 






Final Event


August 20th 2010 - Group picture of SPRING students and SPRING lecturers taken at the Final Event. The students will now leave to their 2nd year destinations in Chile, Ghana, Tanzania and the Philippines.






Renewal of the cooperation agreement with Valida/Chile

August 5th 2010 - Since four years the Universidad Austral Chile has been the youngest partner of the SPRING network. Four batches have graduated so far and obtained
their Master in Development Planning and Management which is jointly awarded by the TU Dortmund and the UACh.