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The School of Spatial Planning, TU Dortmund University

Since its founding in 1969 the School of Spatial Planning pursues an interdisciplinary approach covering all spatial levels. According to the number of students and the range of topics, the  School of Spatial Planning at TU Dortmund University is one of the largest educational institutes of its kind in Europe.

Students can study the German speaking degree courses „Bachelor of Spatial Planning (B.Sc.)” and the „Master of Spatial Planning (M.Sc.)”. In addition to the German course, an English speaking specialised Master programme „Urban Transformation” is offered. The English speaking Master programme „Spatial Planning for Regions in Growing Economies (SPRING)” is jointly offered by the School of Spatial Planning with an international network of universities. Graduated students work in different disciplines such as urban development, property economics, transport planning or housing, as well as different spatial and governmental levels, such
as the neighbourhood, district, city, region, state or the European level.