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Central Institutions of the School of Spatial Planning

In addition to the School's units there are further central institutions.The Dean’s Office is responsible for the overall coordination of various management tasks. Its own Centre for Student and Projact Affairs (SPZ) is responsible for all tasks concerning studying at the School of Spatial Planning. The Institute of Spatial Planning (IRPUD) unites intersectoral research, the Centre for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and the Repro Centre. The Examination Board is in charge of everything relating to students’ assignments. In contrast, the Master Programme Admission Board decides whether a student is allowed to participate in the Master Course of Spatial Planning or not. If you are interested in doing a doctorate’s degree, please contact the PhD Admission Board/Committee of the Doctorate. The Socrates/Erasmus Representative is a key contact person of the School for questions regarding study abroad programs.

Direct access to information about the above-mentioned central institutions: